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Commencement is STU's official welcome to new STUdents joining the university community. It marks the beginning of a STUdents' time at St. Thomas and is commemorated with the receipt of a T-pin—the “T” is the symbol all St. Thomas students identify with while they are attending STU and long after they graduate. 

Welcome to St. Thomas University

Commencement marks a new beginning as we introduce new STUdents to our academic and social traditions. Welcome to the small university of big opportunities, first-year STUdents!

Message from Husoni Raymond, BA '20

Husoni Raymond, Class of 2020, shares some of his own STU experience, his advice to new STUdents, and a message of encouragement to those beginning a new chapter.


Welcome STUdents! This may be your best and most unforgettable year. In times of chaos and uncertainty, I’m happy you chose STU—a community that cares, that’s welcoming and inclusive—which at times like these is essential. STU is here for you, so make sure to reach out and use the services provided.”

Dorcas Tshimenga, Fourth-year STUdent, Fredericton, NB



“Although this year is going to be different, try and get involved! By putting yourself out there, you will form valuable connections with other students, faculty, and staff. First-year STUdents—welcome and enjoy your time at STU. It truly does go by in a split second!”
- Kyle McNally, Fourth-year STUdent, Campbellton, NB

Welcome STU Class of 2024! I know starting this chapter of your life may seem daunting, but I can assure you that St. Thomas is both a safe and welcome place. Being a small campus, we’re a tight-knit group of students, so you’ll have many peers supporting you along the way!”

- Ashley Thornton, Third-year STUdent, Fredericton, NB


Our Academic Community

Hear from STU professors about the value of a liberal arts degree in today's world and how to make the most of your academic experience during these challenging times.


As a member of the STU community, you have access to a wide range of services to help you succeed academically and personally. These services are here so you can focus your best enegery on learning and experiencing as much as you can!

Access supports like the Writing Centre, STU Mental Health, the Elder-in-Residence, Peer Tutoring, the Student Success Coach, and more! 


Welcome to STU! Your experience in university will be what you make it—so make it count! I challenge you to embrace growth and change and to be open-minded as you embark on this new journey.”

- Hanif Brown, Fourth-year STUdent, Airy Castle, Jamaica





Welcome first-year STUdents! You are about to begin a fantastic journey—one I began three years ago and have loved ever since. The St. Thomas community has given me amazing friends, knowledgeable mentors, exciting opportunities, and much more! I have no doubt our small but mighty community will provide the same to you!”

- Sarah Kohut, Fourth-year STUdent, Niagara Falls, ON



"Just one short year ago I was in your shoes. I was nervous and unsure, but quickly found my place at STU. I guarantee you are in one of the best places. You will meet many friendly faces, have amazing opportunities, and grow as a person- I know I sure have. I wish each of you this same success during your time at St. Thomas!"

- Leanne Hudson, Second-year STUdent, Annapolis Royal, NS