When you choose St. Thomas University, you quickly become part of the campus community. From Welcome Week to Graduation, you will be embraced by a community that accepts and motivates one another.

Connected through Shared Interests

Because all of our 1,800 undergraduate students are pursuing a Bachelor of Arts, our campus community is connected by a shared interest in the social sciences and humanities. You will make connections quickly in class, common areas, residence, or through extra-curricular activities. Along with upper-year students, you will come to know one another as classmates, housemates, and friends.

A Community with a Social Conscience

Your classes at St. Thomas will help you better understand the impact and value of social responsibility. Through research, assignments, class discussions, and presentations, you will become a more informed and engaged citizen and be ready to take your knowledge into the community. 

Our students are known for getting involved. As a St. Thomas student, you will have the opportunity to volunteer or intern at organizations that address the causes that matter most to you, participate in—or create—clubs and societies on campus that reflect your interests, and use your education to make a difference.

Above Average Student Engagement

In a recent National Survey of Student Engagement, STU outperformed the Canadian university average in these categories:

  • Higher-order learning
  • Student-faculty interaction
  • Effective Teaching Practices
  • Quality of Interactions
  • Supportive Environment