Nashwaak Review - Volume 16-17





Solange & The Icebergs   Andrew Berzins
Ode to Cyrus   Laura Best
The Delegate   Stepan Chapman

The Sign for Migrant Soul

  Richard Cumyn
Greg Denton Dons Golden Threads   David Derry
Of God and Cod   Anthony De Sa
Lion Days   Salvatore Difalco
Products of Erosion   Alison Dyer
Walking Wounded   Michelle Butler
Academy Performance   Venera Fazio
The Mystery of Manya: A Memoir   Leo Ferrari
Bon Voyage   Sheree Fitch
Something in the Air   Raymond Fraser
A Prayer for the Cosmos   Eric Freeze
Absent Without Leave   Len Gasparini
Fiction Romance   Lori Hahnel
Last Year’s Fruit   Glenn Holyoke
Strangers   Louise Lefebvre
The Plastic Garden   Christian McPherson
Ribbit   Charlotte Mendel
Taking Requests   Michelle Hallet
The Accident on Strathearn   Scott Randall
The Work   Gordon Neufeld
The Stuff of Dreams   Deborah-Anne Tunney
Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa   Robert Lake
Fast Food Diner   Andrea Rudy
What Goes Around   Victor Sakalauskas







Three Poems


Stewart Donovan

Two Poems   Brian Burch
One Poem   Nettie Bozanich
One Poem   Katherine Cameron
One Poem   Nicole Christian
Two Poems   Dani Couture
Two Poems   Deidre Dwyer
Three Poems   Cornelia Hornesty
Two Poems   Bill Howell
Four Poems   Troy Jollimore
One Poem   Dan MacIsaac
Three Poems   Jesse Ferguson
Three Poems   Katia Grubisic
Two Poems   Jason Guriel
One Poem   D.S. Martin
One Poem   Natalie Meisner
One Poem   Allan Safarik
One Poem   Caroline Sawyer
One Poem   Changming Yuan
Four Poems   Lenora Steele
Three Poems   Sylvia Kennedy
One Poem   Derek Simon
Three Poems   David Conrad
One Poem   Diane Tucker




Kelly Harrison


Truth About Stories

Fikru Gebrekidan


Imperial Reckoning: The Untold Story of Britain’s Gulag in Kenya

Michael Clow


When There's No Ememy

Trevor Sawler


Bill Bryson

Stewart Donovan   Robert Lowell




Jocelyn Williams


David Adams Richards

Wayne Curtis   Robert Frost
Tim Rayne   Going Down the Road
Lloyd Robertson   Camp and Trudeau
Robin Peck   Sculptors