Nashwaak Review - Volume 18-19





Henry Huntington Has A Question   David Burke
Things Worth Keeping   Laura Trunkey
Eating Bitter   Robert Lake
Daughter Sister Mother of   R.K. Marfurt
Oroborous   Bradley Somer
Stolen Words   Jerry Levy
Tom and Wilkie   Derek Hayes
Davey the Birder   Errol Scott
Cup and Saucer   Jeff Round
All That Is Real   Laura Best
Canada   Jocelyn Cullity
Ballroom Dancing for Beginners   Len Gasparini
Night of Wine and Roses   Norma West Linder
Inside Out   Lee-Ann Liles
Pour Un Instant   Beverly Akerman
Masks   Raymond Fraser
To God The Joy Of My Youth   Stewart Donovan
Wing   Sally Cooper
Fair Queen   Ben Hart




Two Poems   Edward Gates
One Poem   Jason Guriel
Three Poems   M. S. McLeod
Three Poems   Reese Warner
One Poem   Robert Colman
Five Poems   shalan joudry
One Poem   Brian Burke
Three Poems   Ian Williams
One Poem   Stephen Bett
One Poem   Susan Krashinsky
Three Poems   Monika Lee
One Poem   Barry Dempster
One Poem   Changming Yuan
Two Poems   Jesse Ferguson
One Poem   Michael Nowlan
One Poem   Kathryn Bjornson
Four Poems   Effie MacIsaac Taylor
One Poem   Hollay Ghadery
Two Poems   A. Mary Murphy
Two Poems   Glen Sorestad
One Poem   Richard Norman
One Poem   Michael Johnson
Two Poems   Louisa Howerow
Two Poems   Jim Johnstone
One Poem   Mike Pacey




We Are All Historians Now   Stewart Donovan
The Library At Night   Trevor Sawler




Sarajevo, 1914


John Kordic

Kaleidoscope   Jacqueline Karp




Rhinos, Lizards & The Click Of Being   J.S. Porter
History and Historic Sites:
   Reflections on the Disconnect
  A.J.B. Johnston
Sarah Horsfall    

In our last issue, Michelle Mulder was incorrectly identified as Michelle Mendel. Michelle’s story “Taking Requests” appeared in Volume 16/17. We apologize for the error.