Nashwaak Review - Volume 20-21





The Man With One Eye   David Pratt
Everyone’s So Friendly   Joshua Graham
The Riobato Syndrome   Robert Lake
Bread & Milk Drivers, Local 209   Paul Pellizzari
Growing Up Under A Table   Roger Nash
La Porte – 1970   Colette Maitland
Neville 19:56   Richard Scarsbrook
Jojo the Psychic Dog   Elise Moser
The Movie   Jeffrey Griffiths
Sophie’s Houses   Kathryn Downe
Butterfl y Dreams   Jerry Levy






One Poem   Stewart Donovan
Three Poems   Gary Beck
One Poem   Kathryn Bjornson
Three Poems   Janet Fraser
Two Poems   Edward Gates
Two Poems   Gary Pierluigi
One Poem   Bill Howell
Two Poems   Rob Taylor
One Poem   Maureen Hynes
Two Poems   Carl Leggo
Three Poems   Changming Yuan
Two Poems   Matt Santateresa
Two Poems   Amy Dennis
One Poem   Sean Howard
Two Poems   Barry Dempster
Two Poems   Jesse Ferguson
One Poem   Melanie Pierluigi
One Poem   David Frank
One Poem   John Bugg
Three Poems   David Conrad




Middle Ground   James Mellon
Getting a Little Distance   Trevor Sawler
A Few Good Books   Stewart Donovan




Radical Modern: F. Scott
Fitzgerald and New York


Jeffrey Round





North End Irish   Stewart Donovan
Reading George Grant: Lament for a Nation in Retrospect   James Mellon
First Contact with the Fishing Proprietors of Scatarie Island   Jean-Pierre Chrestien
Confrontation on the Labrador Coast   B.A. Balcom
Outbound from Louisbourg, 1744   Peter Rindlisbacher Cover
La Mer Est Mon Domain/The Sea Was Always In Us