Nashwaak Review - Volume 24-25





Bread Crumbs   Laura Best
My Teaching Days   Cyril Dabydeen
Rescue Stories   Valerie Mills-Milde
TheWoman with Deadly Hands   Beverly Akerman
Natural Demise   Chris Benjamin
And the MundaneWorld Shall Undermine the Groundswell of the Revolution   Joe Davies
I'll Show You Mine   Jann Everard
Three Years In   Tony Fabijancic
Next YearWill Be Different   Kimberley Fehr
The Corn Roast   Jeffrey Griffiths
NoWeather At All   Ben Hart
The Lost Boy   Ernest Hekkanen
The Sky Above Us, The Ground Beneath   Julian Hoffman
The Cast   Kasia Jaronczy
AThousand Possibilities   Joshua Learn
The Scarf   Jerry Levy
What Is Known   Berardo Manari
The Tattoo   Roger Nash
Left   Rosemary Nixon
George and Mina   Katharine O'Flynn
Café Canadiano   James Papoutsis
Pine Cones   Kevin Roberts
The Air Conditioner and the Jar of Fish   jp Rodriguez
Home   Syr Ruus
Age Progression   Nicholas Sgouros
The Lion Tamer   Ruth Taylor
Worker Bee   NancyWaldman
Last Dance   CorinneWasilewski
Bye Baby Bunting   NormaWest Linder
Never Commit Suicide While Your Mother is Still Alive   S.C. Armstrong






Two poems   Bert Almon
Three poems   Kathryn Bjornson
Two poems   Shari Andrews
One poem   Ruth Asher
Three poems   John Barton
One poem   Marjorie Bruhmuller
Three poems   Fern Carr
One poem   Louise Carson
Three poems   David Conrad
One poem   Robert Colman
Two poems   John Donovan
Two poems   Stewart Donovan
One poem   Robin Durnford
Five poems   Darrell Epp
One poem   Jesse Ferguson
One poem   Troy Fullerton
Three poems   David Groulx
One poem   Deborah Herman
One poem   Carolyn Hoople Creed
Three poems   Sean Howard
Two poems   Bill Howell
Two poems   Louisa Howerow
Two poems   Elena Johnson
Two poems   Noel King
One poem   John Lambersky
One poem   Mike Madill
Three poems   Stephanie McKenzie
Two poems   Cara-Lyn Morgan
Two poems   Megan Mueller
Two poems   Frederick Mundle
Two poems   Roger Nash
Two poems   Forrest Orser
One poem   Catherine Owen
Two poems   Mike Pacey
Two poems   James Pollock
Two poems   Kelly-Anne Riess
One poem   Denis Robillard
One poem   Jason Stefanik
Four poems   Elizabeth Stevens
One poem   Josh Stewart
One poem   Leslie Timmins
One poem   Darryl Whetter
Six poems   Changming Yuan




Memory and Meaning in the Lion City   Timothy Andrew
Patting Shoulders and Scattering Stars   Robert Lake




Spring Pools   Wayne Curtis
Going Down The Road: Rural Cape Breton Migration to The Sydney Steel Plant, 1899-1920   Matthew Cook
Honour and Fate: La Renommée and the Defence of Louisbourg, 1745   B. A. (Sandy) Balcom




The Robert Bellah Reader   James Mellon
Steven Mayoff: Fatted Calf Blues   Roger Moore
Out on the Edge of Empire: Seidel and Kleinzahler   Stewart Donovan
Barbara Gowdy: Helpless   JocelynWilliams
Misdirected Faith: Terry Eagleton Enters the God Debate   Trevor Sawler
Lynda Lou MacIntyre   Cover