Nashwaak Review - Volume 28-29





Common Signs of Spring   Andrea Schwenke Wyile
The Auction   Ann Lohner
Lila   Barbara Biles
Shades of Grey   Catherine Brunet
Dolly   Jonathan Greenbaum
Visa   Edward Gauvin
The Tin Container   Jeffrey Griffiths
Dancing At the White Rose Ballroom   Leanne Lieberman
We All Considered This   Sean Johnston
August 5th   Marnie Lamb
Métisse   Pascal Millet
Bullfight   Roger Moore
Mary Had A Lamb   P. J. Worrell
The Weight of Memory   paulo da costa
Cardboard Genome   Greg Shupak
What We Know About Our Neighbors   Tom Wayman
Culture Shocks   Robert Lake
Acremonium   Morgan Wade
Margaret of the War Years   Andre Narbonne
Just You Wait   Bev Sandell Greenberg




One poem   Changming Yuan
One poem   David Clink
Two poems   David Huebert
Three poems   Jean Eng
Five poems   Eryn Hiscock
Four poems   Frederick Mundle
Five poems   Janet Barkhouse
Four poems   Jillian Harvey
Two poems   Jim Rees
Five poems   Laurelyn Whitt
Five poems   Louise Carson
Two poems   Rebecca Geleyn
Two poems   Mark Sampson
Two poem   Hendrik Slegtenhorst
One poem   Stewart Donovan
Two poems   Allen Qing Yuan
Four poems   Jennifer Delisle
One poem   Cindy Clarke
One poem   Denise Desautels
One poem   W.M. Herring
Two poems   Lara Ann Bozabalian




Promenade   Robert Lake
Czechoslovak Miscalculations   Harvy Simkovits




Out of Obscurity: a profile of B.J. Grant, one of New Brunswick’s most prolific writers   Anne Marie Beattie
Celluloid Irish to Reel Ireland   Stewart Donovan
The Overlooked Importance of the Turning Points
before Quebec 1759
  A.J.B. Johnston
Thinking “green” (and not) in 18th-Century Louisbourg   A.J.B. Johnston
Dying on a Distant Shore   Ken Donovan




History Man: The Life of R.G. Collingwood   James Mellon
Reverend Progenitors   Trevor Sawler
“Whirligigs” provided by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery