Nashwaak Review - Volume 30-31





Grooves   Scott Armstrong
Battle Scar   Fabrizio Napoleone
The Trouble With Cliff   Rick Butler
Better A Dinner Of Fine Herbs   Robert Lake
Figments   Larissa Swayze
Bodily Functions   Heather Paul
Invincible   D. D. West
Many Rivers   Tom Wayman
A Natural and Honourable Death   Scott Mathison
Saving Face...and Other Parts   Charlotte Musial
Indiscretions   Bradley Somer
Summer of the Tall Ships   Lisa Alward
Building Coffins   Robert Lake
Tavaras Jones   Kim Murray
The Deer   Anne Marie Beattie
Reading Kafka in the Dark   Stephen Williams




Five poems   George Elliott Clarke
Three poems   Kristen Amiro
One poem   Christopher Barnes
Two poems   Hendrik Slegtenhorst
Three poems   Barbara Barron
Two poems   David Clink
Five poems   Mary Corkery
Three poems   David Romanda
Twelve poems   David Conrad
Two poems   Joshua Rapp Learn
Three poems   Michael Prior
One poem   Michael O. Nowlan
Two poems   Stewart Donovan
Three poems   Gillian Harding-Russell
Four poems   Diana Manole
Six poems   Vernon Mooers
Two poems   Janna Payne
Two poems   David Pratt
Three poems   Jim Rees
Three poems   d.n. simmers
One poem   Jesse Ferguson
Two poems   Thomas Fish
Three poems   W.M. Herring
Five poems   Changming Yuan
Six poems   Sean Howard &Mark Silverberg




Cracks in Modernity   Alicia Marie Lawrence
Nic-an-t-saoir   Kara MacIntyre




Learning To Go Our Own Way   Lloyd Robertson

Reflections On Art and Life: A Conversation With Bruno Bobak

  William Forrestall
Movies and North Atlantic Life   Stewart Donovan

A Question of Treason: Irish Participation on Louisbourg Privateers 1744  

  B. A. (Sandy) Balcom
Where We are Now: “tl;dr”   Trevor Sawler
Reconstructing Fortress Louisbourg, 1961-2013  

B.A. (Sandy) Balcom

Ken Donovan
Brenda Dunn
Bruce Fry
A.J.B. Johnston

Christopher Moore




The Use and Abuse of Literature   James Mellon
Joseph Anton   John Clement Ball
What I’ve Been Reading   Trevor Sawler
Alex Colville and Bruno Bobak, provided by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery