Nashwaak Review - Volume 34-35

Issue 32-33





They Came for us at Midnight   David Pratt
Blood Red Sun   Bonnie Gauthier
Anna   Jonathan Greenbaum
Pet Rabbit   Wayne Curtis
And then Magic   Christian McPherson
Culch   Nancy Branch
Tread Softly   Dominic Potter
Tattoos   Barbara Biles
The Asphyxiating Bag   Robert Lake
Registry   Christopher Evans
Rhapsody   Anne Marie Beattie
A Godly Woman   Cullene Bryant
The Telescope   Stephen Henighan
Hellas   Lauro Palomba
Before the Beginning   Chris Benjamin
The Golden Ticket   Scott Armstrong
A Landscape of Distance   Reggie Mills
Falling   Michael Foy
The People's Poet   Ernest Hekkanen
The Darabi Family   Maria Sabaye Moghaddam
Consolation   Victoria Hamilton
Shades of Liam Hughes   Reed Stirling
Choices   Norma West Linder
The Complete Works of Min-Ju Kim   Tristan Marajh
In the Tule Fog   John Brantingham




Two poems   Stewart Donovan
Three poems   Cindy Clarke
Four poems   Hendrik Slegtenhorst
Six poems   Sean Howard
Four poems   Raquel Torres
Four poems   Edward Dewar
Two poems   Greg Brown
Eight Poems   Changming Yuan
Two poems   Marc Swan
Two poems   Michael Leeb
One poem   John F. Buckley
Five poems   Milton P. Ehrlich
Four poems   Jenette Fecteau
Four poems   Vernon Mooers
Two poems   Kat Camerson
Three poems   Gillian Harding-Russell
Three poems   Carol Steel
One poem   Roger Nash
Five poems   Louise Carson
Five poems   Frederick Mundle
One poem   Gary Beck
Five poems   Gerald Arthur Moore
Five poems   Mohamad Kebbewar
One poem   Jean Van Loon
One poem   Jade Wallace
One poem   Joseph Kidney
Five poems   David Conrad




Walking the Cotswolds   A.J.B. Johnston and Mary Topshee




Heaven and Earth   Kenneth Vanderbeek
Would you have Hamlet for your doctor??   John Meagher
Two Notes From My Sinful Life   Robin Peck
Learning to Look   Stewart Donovan




In Praise of Local History   David Frank
Why Thrilling Matters   James Mellon
Imperial Legacy   Stewart Donovan
Seasons of Discontent   Trevor Sawyer
Mabel May, Henri Gaudier Brzeska, and Paul Nash