Nashwaak Review - Volume 38-39

Issue 32-33





The Kissing Disease   Jeffrey Griffiths
Free Trial Offer   Phil Della
On Thin Ice   T.R. Biggar
Legacy from the River   Norma West Linder
The Latest Dope on the Holy Ghost   Fred Kraenzel
Rupestrine   Derek Nason
Oradour   Lauro Palomba

Bar Ryū

  Tony Robinson-Smith
A Simple Life  

Pól Ó Dochartaigh

Death in Vienna   Robert Lake
The Testing Grounds   Scott Armstrong
Is That All You Got?   Elaine McCluskey
Graduation   V.J. Hamilton
DeSoto   Martin Ellis
Starting People   Michael Foy
The Juniors   Shell Cline
Full Zoom   Nick Weaver
Days Like This   Charlotte Beck
A Configuration of Crooked Lines   D. Standfast
Masquerade Waltz   Bob Bent




Seven poems   Stewart Donovan
Two poems   Ronne Brown
Four poems   Hendrik Slegtenhorst
Four poems   Marc Swan
Six poems   James Deahl
Five poems   Edward Dewar
One poem   David Conrad
Five poems   Callista Markotich
Three poems   Barbara Barron
Six poems   Gerald Moore
Two poems   Alessio Zanelli
Three poems   Victor Sakalauskas
Five poems   W.M. Herring
Six poems   Louise Carson
Two poems   Margaret McLeod
Five poems   Tony Cosier
Four poems   Kevin Irie
Two poems   David Sapp
One poem   Michael Goodfellow
Six poems   Sam Difalco
Six poems   Sean Howard
Two poems   Adam Lawrence
Six poems   Mark Silvergerg
Two poems   Santosh Gupta




Finding Solitude in Jordan's Desert   Ele Pawelski
Brasil Remembered in Tranquility   Robert Lake




"What did you think of when you were a little me?"   Vanessa Waltz
Preserving A Working-Class Irish House in Ingonish, Cape Breton, A Social and Architectural History, 1823-1917   Ken Donovan




The Dangers of Village Life: The Novels of Louise Penny   Linda Ledford-Miller
A Man of Two Minds: A review of The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen   Stewart Donovan
Suzanne Donovan and Anna Syperek   Front and Back Cover
Prava Moonesawmy   Inside Front Cover
Susanne Donovan   Inside Back Cover