Nashwaak Review - Volume 6-7




Loose Pearls

Donna C. Triocuk

If I Were Drawn into an Animated Cartoon

Betinna Klix/Eric Miller

Spray Job

Harold Hoefle

If You Were Coming In The Fall

Wayne Rhodes

My Night with Leonard Cohen

Sonya Freedman

The Cloche Hat

Anne Cimon

The Gumby Man

Cliff Burns

Fragments of the Acropolis

Tess Fragoulis





Three Poems

Chad Norman

Two Poems

Monica Kidd

Four Poems

Vernon Mooers

Six Poems

Eric Miller

Two Poems

Leo Brent Robillard

Three Poems

Ronnie R. Brown

Two Poems

Megan Walden

Six Poems

Lenora Steele

Five Poems

Glen Sorestad

One Poem

Ruth Panofsky

Six Poems

Derk Wynand

One Poem

Nancy Morin

Two Poems

Allan Brown

Three Poems

Christopher Levenson

Three Poems

Lisa Cote

One Poem

George Elliott Clarke

One Poem

Stewart Donovan





Capturing Women

Uta Doerr

Tales From Ovid

David Conrad





The Ginger Man

Dermot Kelly

The Irish Famine

Kevin Whelan

Irish Famine Emigrants and Their Reception in New Brunswick in 1847

William Spray

"Witnessing" The Great Hunger

Thomas O'Grady

The Accent of the Other

Colm J. Kelly

Mary Grace Barron and the Irish of Ingonish

Kenneth Donovan





A Marvellous Heap of Pebbles

Liliane Welch



Art Work - Cover

Ray Butler





In The Wake of Dark Passage

Denis Noël