International Student FAQ



Do I need a Canadian Study Permit, TRV or eTA to begin my studies if I’m an international student outside or inside of Canada?

If you begin your studies remotely outside of Canada, you do not need to secure a study permit to begin your studies online.

If you’re planning to come to Canada, you will need an approved Canadian Study Permit and proper entry visas to enter the country. Please visit for details.

As a current international student with a valid study permit, can I return to Canada for the Fall semester even if courses are online?

Yes, as long as your Study Permit and passport are still valid. Please visit for more details and updates before your travels.

I applied for my study permit online but it is still pending?

Minister Mendicino announced July 14 that study permit processing is a high priority for IRCC. Read announcement here.

If I am a US citizen, can I still apply for and obtain my Canadian Study Permit at a Port-of-Entry (POE)?

Yes. Some POEs are processing in-person Study Permit application for U.S. citizens. For example, the Woodstock, New Brunswick (Houlton, Maine) border crossing is doing so for students arriving with all required documents. Please call the Canadian Travel Information Line at 1-800-461-9999 to verify with your specific POE or ask other related questions about crossing into Canada.

Note: If you had previously applied online for your study permit but it has not been processed when you reach the border, you will need to cancel your online application and request a refund to that application. Your in-person application will not override your online application.  

Can my parents/guardians/supporters come with me to help with my move to Canada?

No. At this time, visitors to Canada are still non-essential and will not be allowed into the country. There are exceptions for Canadian citizens and permanent residents only, with an acceptable quarantine plan.

I’m driving myself to Canada with a car that is not registered in my name. Do I need additional documentation?

Yes. Students driving a car not registered in their name must carry a note signed by the owner giving permission for them to drive and have their car during their studies in Canada.


I’m flying into Canada—what information do I need from the Fredericton airport?

Fredericton International Airport (YFC) information and COVID-19 updates can be checked here:


How can I prove to the Public Health Official upon entering Canada that I have an acceptable 14-day Quarantine Plan?

You will need to prove that you will adhere to provincial quarantine measures upon entering New Brunswick. Public Health is looking for you to satisfy the following guidelines:

  • You have a safe location to quarantine (show proof of STU Residence Room placement or a copy of your signed lease)
  • You will have no contact with other people
  • You have secured adequate essentials like groceries and supplies (there are grocery deliver services in Fredericton)
  • You are traveling directly from the border crossing or airport to your final destination for quarantine. The only allowable, essential stop you can make is for gas; however, it is highly recommended you fill your gas tank, if driving, before crossing into Canada.  



How will I access my textbooks?

The Campus Bookstore will mail books internationally. You can also buy your books in your country or order them online once you have the syllabus or reading list from your professors.


Will there be an International Orientation? 

Yes. Details will be sent from Carrie Monteith-Levesque, International Student Advisor.



When should I arrive if I’m staying in residence? What if I get delayed?

The Residence Life Office will welcome students throughout the semester recognizing potential delays with study permit and travel logistics.  The requirement for self-isolation in residence will still apply.  Please contact the Residence Life Office to make arrangements in advance of your arrival. 


If I move into residence early to isolate, what are the costs?

If you are placed in Rigby Hall, there are no additional costs for isolating in residence. Students arriving on August 19 and August 20 will be placed in the room they will stay in for the duration of the year.

If you are placed in Windsor Street Housing, the cost will be $50/night, which includes a single room in Rigby for 14 nights and 2 meals a day delivered to your door.


During isolation, how will my food be delivered and what will the cost be?

During isolation, food will be delivered by a staff member to your door. Specific time for food delivery will be communicated upon arrival. If you have a residence meal plan, there is no additional cost to meals during isolation. If you are not on the residence meal plan, the food cost will be included in the accommodation fees.


If meal plans are only lunch and dinner, how will I get groceries for breakfast and snacks? 

Upon arrival, we will provide grocery delivery options in your room. You will be provided with a phone you can call locally, as well as internet to shop online. 




If I arrive to Fredericton late, will I have to pay fees for the entire semester?

Yes, you will be required to pay tuition and fees and you will need to begin your courses on-time from your remote location. Please contact Residence Life to inquire about residence fees based on your arrival anticipated date. 


Will there be opportunities for online or remote student employment? If so, do I need a work permit?

Yes, there will be remote student employment opportunities available to all STU students. You will not need a work permit if you are not physically in Canada.


If I work remotely for a Canadian employer while living outside of the country, how will I file my Canadian taxes?   

You will claim your income in your own country for tax purposes.