Reopening of Campus August 4

August 4, 2020 


On Tuesday, August 4, the STU campus reopened to students and the public. 


Our buildings will be open from 8:30 to 4:00 pm, and many administrative and academic offices will be open. At the same time, it is preferred that you conduct as many of your interactions with these offices virtually if possible—including scheduling any in-person appointments in advance via e-mail and avoiding "drop-in" visits. 


Facilities Management has been refreshing distancing/directional markings in buildings and adding large signage outside of buildings reminding visitors of the requirements for entry. For students, the Great Hall, Sir James Dunn Hall, and the computer lab in Sir James Dunn Hall will be open with furniture arranged for appropriate distancing. Plexiglass or barriers are being installed and some have floor markings to represent physical distance. Over the next couple of weeks, more offices and common areas will be adjusted to help with physical distancing. 


If you visit campus, please respect physical distancing spaces and follow the guidelines. We will be adapting and refining these as we gain more experience with an increased number of people on campus.  


Masks Required on Campus  


The wearing of masks is required when physical distancing (at least two metres/6 feet) cannot be effectively practiced. This would be in hallways, washrooms, administrative offices, and any circumstance where you could encounter another individual and not physically distance. Outside, masks are required in situations where the two metres/6 foot distancing cannot be maintained. When a person is seated at least two metres/6 feet from all other people, masks can be removed.  


In the coming days, we will establish distribution spots for disposable masks – such as Registrar’s Office, Financial Services, and Departmental Offices. 


If you have any questions, please submit your question to Thank you. 


Lily Fraser 

Vice-President (Finance and Administration)