As we begin a return to an in-person learning and student experience model, COVID-19 will continue to present challenges. These answers to common questions will help clarify our path forward. 

Course Models 

How will courses be delivered during the September to December 2021 term?

The majority of courses will be delivered in person (with some remote elements), while others will remain remote/online for the September to December term.

  1. In-Person Courses

    In-person courses will be delivered in the classroom and at the time assigned to the course. Students are expected to attend in person. Public Health regulations will be respected. At this time, we anticipate that distancing and masks may be required.

    If you are enrolled in an in-person course, but you will not be able to attend in person—due to extenuating circumstances preventing you from being able to return to Fredericton by September or an existing medical condition that prevents you from attending in-person classes—you may have been eligible for remote access for the course. Remote access to in-person courses varies by course/professor. The nature of this access depends on the course and professor and could include livestreaming, streaming with interaction, and/or asynchronous elements.

    Those who require remote access to an in-person course were required to apply for remote access accommodation. This application is now closed.

  2. Remote/Online Courses

    Remote/online courses will be delivered fully remotely/online. Your course could be synchronous or asynchronous, depending on the professor and course. Students should plan to be available for the class time listed. More details on each course will be shared by your professor before the first day of classes.

Why aren’t all courses being delivered in person?

The majority of classes will be in-person; however, to accommodate students and professors who may not be able to return to campus (for reasons such as travel restrictions or a medical condition), we have structured the fall semester to offer remote and in-person options with remote capabilities. This approach will also ease on-campus demands for space, particularly related to larger courses and classroom availability, as we continue to work toward a full easing of Public Health restrictions. 

How do I find out in which model will be used to deliver my individual courses?

The delivery model for each course is listed within the course schedules at STU.ca/registrar, within each departmental page’s “Current Courses” sections, and on WebAdvisor. If a classroom is listed as the location for a course, then that means that the course is in-person. If “Web Online” is indicated as the course location, then that means that the course is remote/online.

On WebAdvisor, the location for my course is listed as "ECH TD-AUD". Where is that classroom?

“ECH TD-AUD” is the Ted Daigle Auditorium, which can be found in Edmund Casey Hall on the first floor off the main lobby.

On WebAdvisor, the location for my course is listed as "Margaret Norrie McCain Hall, Room AUD". Where is that classroom?

“MMH KIN-AUD” is the Kinsella Auditorium, which can be found in Margaret Norrie McCain Hall on the ground floor off the main lobby (Room 100). 

Is it okay to have some courses in my schedule online and some in-person?

Yes. We anticipate that most students will have a combination of online courses and in-person courses in their fall schedule. You will be expected to be in attendance for in-person classes.

How might things change for the January to April term? When will details be available?

The plan is to continue to move to an in-person experience, including increasing the number of courses delivered in person. With the situation around COVID-19 expected to continue to improve, we anticipate that restrictions will ease, allowing for more courses to be delivered in person by January. To reduce confusion for both faculty and students, full-year (6 credit-hour) courses that begin as remote courses in the fall will continue with remote delivery for the full year.


If a class is being delivered in person and I am not pre-approved for remote access, can I attend remotely on days when I can’t make it to class that day for some reason?

Remote access to in-person courses is not being granted on a class-by-class basis. Remote access is only available to students who were approved for remote access prior to the start of the course, not on a class-by-class basis. Students who are ill should follow the normal class attendance policy found within the St. Thomas University Policy on Course Regulations.


If you are ill or there is some other reason you cannot attend class, you should discuss it with your professor as you normally would.


Isolation Requirements

I am from Canada but outside of the Atlantic Provinces. Will I be required to self-isolate upon arrival in New Brunswick?

The Province of New Brunswick has announced that travellers from Canada who have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine will not be required to isolate after July 1, 2021.  This is contingent on New Brunswick meeting certain vaccination targets.  Information on these targets can be found at this link:


I am an international student coming to Canada. Will I be required to self-isolate upon arrival?

At this time, international students travelling to Canada are required to isolate upon arrival. STU will be offering space for international  students who are required to isolate. Please contact Residence Life to make arrangements: residencelife@stu.ca   

Federal isolation requirements can be found on the Government of Canada website here:



There are different requirements for students flying or driving to Canada.

Requirements may change. Check these resources regularly.



Will vaccinations be mandatory for students to come to campus/attend class?

Yes. Over the course of the pandemic, we have followed the guidance of the Provincial Government and Public Health. We have been in contact with Public Health today and they have strongly recommended post-secondary institutions implement a program that includes mandatory vaccinations and testing similar to government.  

If I am not able to get vaccinated before coming to Canada/New Brunswick, will I have the opportunity to get vaccinated in Fredericton?

Yes. All students will have opportunities to get their vaccination in Fredericton. Learn more and book your vaccine at the link below, or go to STU.ca/vaccine to learn about on-campus clinics.


Campus Operations

What are the rules going to be regarding distancing and masks?

STU will continue to take advice from Public Health on regulations related to these issues. As wearing a mask helps prevent the spread of COVID-19, masking will be required in all indoor settings on campus. Masks are required in classrooms (except for professors or other presenters who can physically distance by 2 metres from the rest of the class while presenting), and in hallways, elevators, stairways, washrooms, indoor common spaces, and when accessing administrative offices. Masks may be removed when eating/drinking or exercising at the JB O’Keefe Fitness Centre. Any student unable to wear a mask due to a medical condition will require a medical exemption letter from an authorized medical professional (physician or nurse practitioner) which can be sent to studentservices@stu.ca    


Compliance with this masking requirement will be monitored by staff. If a student refuses to comply with the masking requirement, they will be required to leave the classroom or building. Non-compliance will be subject to disciplinary action under the Non-Academic Misconduct Policy. You may review the full Mask Policy at STU.ca/students-policies


What will the regulations be for the dining hall?

The George Martin Hall Dining Hall will be open with protective measures in place.


Will the J.B. O’Keefe Fitness Centre be open?

The Fitness Centre will be open with protective measures in place.


Will I still have options to access services remotely such as Accessibility Services, Writing Centre, Peer Tutoring, Counselling, Academic Advising, etc?

Yes. Services will remain available to students in-person and remotely.


I was admitted with an ESL condition. Will I be able to take my English placement test remotely and what is the date?

Placement tests will be conducted in person Tuesday, September 7, 2021. Students who are unable to be on campus for the in-person placement will have a remote option. More details will be sent directly to students who qualify for ESL. 


First-Year Students

What will Welcome Week look like this year?

The 2021 Welcome Week will be a fun-filled, informative, community-wide event. Both in-person and online activities and events will take palce. Learn more and see the entire schedule at STU.ca/welcomeweek


Will airport pick-up be offered for new international students? Which airport should I book my flight to?

New international students will be contacted directly regarding details.