Financial Aid

Canadian students can apply for federal and provincial student loans.


Students from New Brunswick may be eligible for the Renewed Tuition Bursary, which is designed to provide more upfront bursary funding to students from families with the greatest financial need. 

Check out the federal government's student loan website or click on your province for more information about the application process:

Student Loans by Province
Alberta Nunavut
British Columbia Ontario
Manitoba Prince Edward Island
New Brunswick Quebec
Newfoundland Saskatchewan
Northwest Territories Yukon
Nova Scotia  

Please note: You only need to apply once through your provincial government to be assessed for federal and provincial student loans.

Master of Social Work Program

The MSW Program has been approved by ​the Canada Student Loan​s Program and full-time students may be eligible to access financial aid to support their studies. Please note: this process includes a Program Information Form (PIF) completed by Financial Services.

Other Financial Aid Resources 

Entrance Scholarships

Upper Year Scholarships

Canada Study Grants

Canada Education Savings Grants

Canada Education Savings Program Information

Canada Education Savings Program Incentives 


EI Only Program

Are you from New Brunswick? Did you have a contract that finished OR did you get laid off over the summer?  Can you establish an Employment Insurance claim with Service Canada?  You may be eligible for a new program called EI Only

Starting in January 2016, the EI Only program allows eligible New Brunswick students in any year of study who can establish an EI claim draw EI while they are in studies until it runs out.  To determine your eligibility, please:

Please note this program is only available to New Brunswickers (students with a NB Medicare card).

Student Loans - US Students

American students studying outside of the United States (US) are eligible for subsidized, unsubsidized and PLUS Loans through the William D. Ford Direct Loan Program. Students studying outside of the US are not eligible for any US Grants.

Aggregated loan limits for US Direct Loan borrowers:

First Year (no previous post-secondary): $3500 subsidized (government cover the interest) plus $2000 unsubsidized (interest begins to accrue at the moment loans are disbursed) = $5500
Second Year: $4500 + $2000 = $6500
Third Year+: $5500 +$2000 =$7500

The amount of subsidized loans awarded is determined by the Cost of Attendance less the Estimated Family Contribution (FAFSA) and student awards.

Parents can apply for PLUS loans to offset the cost of attendance. A credit decision is made, if the parent is denied, students are eligible for additional unsubsidized loans up to a combined loan total of $9500 for first year, $10500 for second and $12,500 for third and above.

To apply for US Federal Aid students must first complete the FAFSA . St. Thomas University's institutional code is G06682. Secondly, students must go online to to complete the Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counselling. Notification is sent to STU once each step has been completed.

For more information on financial aid for US students studying at St. Thomas, please email, as we would be happy to answer your questions.