Full-Time Faculty

Breen, Tania, Director of TNB Theatre School, Director of TNB Young Company
Fine Arts

Kutnowski, Martin, Profesorado de Piano, (Conservatorio Manuel de Falla, Argentina), MA in Composition (Queens College, City University of New York), PhD in Composition (Graduate School, City University of New York)
Professor and Director
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Part-Time Faculty

Bosse, Don, Jazz Studies (Berklee College of Music), BA and BEd (St. Thomas University), MMus in Conducting (Memorial University)

Forrestall, William, BFA (Mount Allison University), MEd (University of New Brunswick), AICA (International Association of Art Critics), Phd (Candidate) (University of New Brunswick)

Peacock, Steven, BA (University of New Brunswick), BEd (University of New Brunswick), MEd  (University of New Brunswick)

Vose Jones, Kim, BA (Concordia University), MFA (Maine College of Art)