Program Structure


In order to complete a Major in Gerontology, students must complete a minimum of 39 credit hours of gerontology courses. These include the following introductory requirements (6 credit hours):

GERO-1013. Introduction to Gerontology

GERO-1023. Multidisciplinary Issues in Aging

In addition, students must complete the following core courses (18 credit hours):

GERO/PSYC-2673. Adult Development and Aging

GERO 2113/SOCI-2523. Sociology of Aging

GERO-3023. Aging and Health

GERO-4013. Seminar in Gerontology

GERO-4023. Advanced Seminar in Gerontology

GERO-3053. Qualitative Research Methods (also accepted as fulfillment of this requirement are PSYC 2013, 2023, and SOCI 2013, 2023)

Finally, students are required to complete 15 credit hours of the following electives:

GERO-2273. Death and Dying

GERO-3033. Aging and Spirituality

GERO-3043. Recreation, Leisure and Aging

GERO-3063. Aging and Biography

GERO-3073. Narrative Gerontology

GERO-3093. Images of Aging in Film

GERO-3103. Special Topics

GERO-3123. Counselling Older Adults

GERO-3213. Older Adults as Learners

GERO-3223. Family Ties and Aging

GERO-3233. Aging and Tai Chi: Theory, Research, and Practice

GERO-3673. Advanced Studies in Adult Development

GERO-3743. Critical Approaches to Nursing Homes

GERO-4003. Mental Health and Aging

GERO-4033. Independent Study

GERO-4036. Independent Study


Students wishing to pursue a minor in gerontology must complete 18 credit hours, composed of any courses for which they have the required prerequisites.