Dr. Andrew Moore is interested in various intersections between literature and political theory. 

His first book, Shakespeare between Machiavelli and Hobbes: Dead Body Politics (Lexington 2016), situates Shakespeare’s drama and poetry alongside the political philosophy of Niccolò Machiavelli and Thomas Hobbes in order to illuminate the materialist preoccupations of Shakespeare’s political representations. 

Dr. Moore has also published multiple articles and book chapters on the political dimensions of contemporary television drama. He has written on the HBO series The Wire and its criticism of modern bureaucracies. He has also published on David Simon’s New Orleans drama Treme and its use of Greek tragedy to criticize post-modern forms of tyranny. Along with his colleague Dr. Sara MacDonald, Dr. Moore also edited a collection of essays on AMC’s Mad Men entitled Mad Men: The Death & Redemption of American Democracy (Lexington 2016). 

Dr. Moore is currently working on a book-length project that explores the role played by  Renaissance poets and dramatists in the early modern re-conception of natural law. Along with his colleague Dr. Amanda DiPaolo, he is also editing a collection of essays tentatively titled Human Rights & Literature.