First Year at Home Elsipogtog Program

The AOTIITJ program in Elsipogtog provides the opportunity for students to develop mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to prepare for the demands of university life. As full-time STU students, participants attend eight months of university preparedness training in Elsipogtog, earn post-secondary credits, and learn the necessary studies and life skills to succeed at university.


1. Academic Preparedness

Students are full-time STU students who have increased one-on-one instruction from professors and extra support with tutoring time in addition to classroom hours. Students will take courses in Math, Humanities (with a focus on writing and composition), and Native Studies.

2. Mi'kmaq Traditions and Teachings

Cultural teachings are incorporated into everyday classroom experiences


3. Life Skills

Students will learn skills in time management, budgeting, cross-cultural living, and nutrition.


4. Career Guidance

Students will attend workshops on career opportunities and learn skills in interviewing and resume writing.

For more information, contact Gerald Sock at 523-4608 or Natasha Simon at 427-1103.