Mi’kmaq/Maliseet Bachelor of Social Work Program

The Mi’kmaq/Maliseet Bachelor of Social Work Program is an accredited social work program that provides First Nation individuals with an opportunity to receive social work education within a flexible and culturally relevant framework. 

The programme is directed toward First Nation peoples in New Brunswick and the Maritime Provinces who wish to become social workers in their communities.


Distinctive Features

• There is recognition that First Nation peoples have been historically disadvantaged in educational and other systems.
• The program design respects that First Nation students are typically employed and have family commitments.
• There is recognition of First Nation systems of knowledge and ways of learning.
• There is a culturally-relevant curriculum that reflects First Nation holistic experiences.
• The program is overseen by a committee of members from St. Thomas University, First Nations Child and Family Agencies, and student representatives from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.