International Students

International students thrive at St. Thomas University, largely because of the small, close-knit, and supportive community environment for which the university is known. Our uniquely focused academic experience, rooted in the liberal arts, paired with a proven commitment to offering each student a personalized university experience makes St. Thomas an ideal place for students coming to Canada to study. 

Photo of STU's wall of flags

Wall of Flags 

The International Wall of Flags displays the diversity of our international student body and represents every country represented on campus in  a given academic year. The wall is a joint effort made possible by our International Office, the International Students' Association, and the Students' Union.

Unique in Canada 

St. Thomas is the only university in Canada wholly dedicated to undergraduate liberal arts. We are known for our focus on social justice and instilling a sense of social responsibility within our students through academic study and experiential learning opportunities. Our faculty are experts in their fields and are committed to teaching and mentoring students. As a primarily undergraduate university, students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program receive the full attention of professors and staff at the university.


Liberal Arts Advantage 

You will begin your studies by approaching your degree from different perspectives, taking classes from different academic departments, from Economics to International Relations, History to Fine Arts, Psychology to Human Rights, and many more. You will learn about world issues from a global perspective and you Bachelorof Arts will start to take shape as you choose your major(s) and/or honours program during upper years. 

Skills and Experience 

Opportunities to complete internships and engage in service learning and field work will complement your in-class learning. This will allow you to test your skills and put your knowledge into practical situations as well as connect you with community leaders and business people. 

Graduate Outcomes

Our graduates are working in rewarding fields all over the world. The social justice focus of our program often directs students towards work helping others whether that be in the form of a career in law, business, teaching and education, international relations, humanitarianism, policing, and so much more.


The Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Thomas is transferable and recognized worldwide. Your specific career will depend on your interests and academic and extracurricular experiences during your time here, but you will graduate with the education, skills, and experience you need to take the next step towards your career after graduation.


City of Fredericton

City of Fredericton

International Admissions

International Admissions