Internship Information for Students

Are you hard-working, eager to learn, and looking to expand your workplace skillset during your degree at St. Thomas? Internships are an excellent way for you to learn about your own career interests, gain meaningful hands-on experience and make connections in your community.
Our internships can be paid or earn you credits towards your degree. We can connect you with internships for the academic year (one or both semesters), and the summer.


Students from all academic majors can apply for internships. The critical thinking, interpersonal, communication, and teamwork skills acquired from studying the humanities and social sciences make our students highly desirable candidates for placements. Specific requirements for each placement can be consulted with the Internships Coordinator.


Keep in mind:

  • During the academic year: non-course-based internships are normally a 10-15 hours per week commitment. Host organizations will be flexible with your course schedule. Time management skills are essential. Students can apply for multiple internships during their degree.

  • Summer internships: non-course-based internships in the summer can be full-time May-August. Funding is available for placements anywhere in New Brunswick. We can also support you in finding placements at your hometown.

  • Students who are selected for an internship will attend a workplace professionalism workshop, complete check-ins, and work on reflective activities with the Internships Coordinator as required.

How to get started: 

  • Browse through the STU Internship Postings for internships currently available (updated on a regular basis) and/or sign up for our Experiential Learning Newsletter.

  • You must first attend a Resume & Cover Letter workshop before applying for an internship. After attending, it is recommended to schedule a follow-up appointment to improve your application. Students who attend the workshop and are diligent about personalizing their resume and cover letter for each internship have a much higher chance of getting an interview.

  • Schedule a meeting with the Internships Coordinator to talk about your options and plan for a future internship during your time at STU. We can also advise on steps to take to improve your chances of being selected for opportunities.

Clara Santacruz
Internships Coordinator
GMH 302A