Please note that not every course listed is offered each year and that students should consult the following sources for current course offerings:


LATI-1013. Introduction to Latin I

This is an intensive introduction to classical Latin for students with no previous background in the language and provides them with an introduction to the basic rules of grammar, vocabulary, and reading skills.

LATI-1023. Introduction to Latin II

This course continues the introduction to classical Latin. Prerequisite: LATI 1013 with a minimum grade of C.

LATI-2103. Latin III (Intermediate)

Latin III is designed for students who wish to continue the study of Latin beyond the beginner level. Prerequisite: LATI 1023, or permission of the instructor.

LATI-3103. Latin IV (Intermediate)

LATI 3103 continues at an intermediate level to develop the student's ability to function in basic Latin and is a prerequisite for students who plan to study Latin at an advanced level. Prerequisite: LATI 2103, or permission by the instructor.