COVID-19 Stepped Care


Your physical health and mental health are so closely intertwined, which means the daily lifestyle choices we make can drastically impact how we feel. Eating well, exercising, sleeping, and avoiding cigarettes/alcohol/drugs will improve your mental health, as well as engaging in self-care and relaxation practices to reduce stress and improve resiliency. THIS IS PARTICULARLY IMPORTANT WHEN EXPERIENCING THE STRESS OF SOCIAL DISTANCING! 

Humans are social creatures – we depend on each other to survive. Social distancing can have a significant impact on how we feel, especially if we’re already struggling with mental health issues. TALKING CAN HELP! Supportive relationships can be between friends, family members, partners, mentors, and others. Our Peer Support Centre is offering weekly online chats to help build connection and support; for more information, visit our Facebook page.


Professional help is recommended if your mental health issues are starting to impact your academics, relationships, or ability to function. The counsellors at STU Mental Health offer online Mental Health Coping resources based off workhops they host during the academic year. More details to come!


Professional help is recommended when your mental health issues are starting to impact your academics, relationships, or ability to function. Counselling Services will now be offering secure, private and confidential counselling appointments remotely. Students can opt for secure video-conferencing or telephone sessions with one of our trained, certified counsellors. If you would like to book an appointment, please email STU students also have access to all the services at UNB Counselling Services.


STU Student Services offers several specialized services for individuals with complex needs, including issues related to sexual violence, LGBTQA2S+ issues, Indigenous identity and more. For more information about the specialized services we offer, visit our website or email

If you need support outside of what STU provides, we will help connect you with resources in the community. This may include crisis response/support, psychiatric services, addiction services, and more.