Meet Our Tutors

Gaelyn Autumnsong

Great Books

About: Gaelyn is a fourth-year student majoring in Great Books and honouring in English.  She is from a tiny town in rural Maine and loves animals, books, and video games.

What Gaelyn wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: That all the students knew how committed we are to helping those who seek tutoring from us.

Random fact about Gaelyn: Gaelyn went to Italy in 2018 and had both the best pizza and pasta that she’s ever tasted.



Madison Bird

Science and Technology Studies Department

About: Madison is in her fourth year of study at STU, majoring in Science and Technology Studies, and honouring in Sociology. She is a proud Hufflepuff who thoroughly enjoys learning, reading, spending time outdoors, hiking, and photography. She was born and raised in the Fredericton area, but since moving into the city for university, she has realized there is so much that she still has left to learn and discover about it.

What Madison wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring:
We (the peer tutors) genuinely want to see you succeed, and we want to help you accomplish that in whatever way we can! We can help you develop study skills, work through course readings, or understand course material.

Random Fact about Madison: She is currently learning how to cook. She is not all that good (she prefers baking), but she is trying her best and learning as she goes. She is always open to new (easy) recipe ideas, so send them her way!



Katherine Birkenhead


About: Katherine is a fourth-year student majoring in Anthropology and Psychology with a minor in Forensic Anthropology. She is from Ottawa, Ontario and originally England. When she is not working or studying, she is probably eating, watching Netflix or playing with her roommate’s adorable puppy. 

What Katherine wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: That it’s okay to need that little extra help and it’s free!

Random fact about Katherine: She loves learning different languages.




Tyler Chambers


About: Tyler is a mature student who is in his fourth semester at STU. He is planning on honouring in Psychology and minoring in Philosophy. He is a licensed real estate agent in the greater Fredericton area, a home studio owner/audio engineer, and an avid Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. He sees his governing philosophy as Stoicism, but is fascinated by, and open to the ideas of all kinds of great thinkers.

What Tyler wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: Sometimes concerns students are having are often figured out just by engaging in conversation about them with other people. Getting thoughts out of your head is, in my opinion, the best way to make the most of them. We are here to listen and help in any way we can!

Random fact about Tyler: Tyler has been playing guitar for just about 20 years, and also enjoys to play quite a few different instruments. Creating/playing music, and training at my gyms are his favourite ways to pass his time.



Marcel Chamorro

Spanish & Latin American Studies

About: Marcel is in his third year, honoring in Spanish & Latin American Studies while minoring in Italian. Marcel is also a Spanish Monitor and is also involved in the St Thomas University Hispanic Society, serving as treasurer. 

What Marcel wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: Marcel would like students to know that Peer Tutoring sessions represent an opportunity to grow as a student and learn about and get used to the university’s academic life.

Random fact about Marcel: Marcel’s favourite writer is Camilo José Cela and his favourite literary movement is realism.




Darcy Clow

Intro to Philosophy (Jim Gilbert-Walsh's section)

About: She is a fourth-year student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Philosophy. She is originally from PEI but has been living in Fredericton since coming to STU. She loves listening to true crime podcasts and to live music with my friends.

What Darcy wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: She wishes students realized how accessible tutoring is, and if you're nervous about talking to your prof, Peer Tutors are a great first step!

Random Fact about Darcy: She didn't try pizza until she was 20 years old. Not bad.




Giao Dang

Economics and Mathematics

About: Giao is a fourth-year student from Vietnam, honouring in Economics and majoring in Math.

What Giao wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: It can feel less stressful than having an appointment with your professors.

Random Fact about Giao: She loves sports cars.




Danielle England


About: Danielle is a third-year student majoring (and hopefully honouring) in Psychology. 

What Danielle wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: That it is not as intimidating as it seems and that everyone is so friendly! 

Random fact about Danielle: Danielle would eat breakfast for all 3 meals of the day if she could!




David Eno

Economics and Mathematics

About: David is third-year student majoring in Economics and International Relations, and minoring in History. He is an aspiring attorney. He enjoys reading and football. He is from Nigeria.

What David wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: He wishes students knew how much Peer Tutoring helps in relating with course material. Information being relayed by people who can speak our language, our peers, can go a long way.

Random Fact about David: He is a Manchester United fan!




Julia Evans

Human Rights, Political Science, Law, Politics, & Society

About: Julia is in her second year, majoring in Political Science & Human Rights.

What Julia wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: We are passionate about the topics we are helping you with. We are eager to help in any way we can!

Random Fact about me: When she is not studying, she loves to shop (mostly online since the pandemic)!




Olivia Finnamore


About: Olivia is a fourth-year student honouring in Psychology and minoring in French. She transferred to STU for her second year and loves living in Fredericton. After graduating, Olivia plans to pursue speech-language pathology. In her free time, you can find her enjoying the outdoors, writing, or at RustiCo.

What Olivia wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: It’s free! Take advantage of the free services at STU while you’re here.

Random fact about Olivia: Olivia's favourite snack is frozen peas (and they have to be the No Name brand).




Katelyn Irish


About: Katelyn is a third-year student doing a double major in Human Rights and Gerontology.

What Katelyn wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: All the tutors really want to help and it isn’t as intimidating as it seems!

Random Fact about Katelyn: She wants to be a lawyer in the future.




Orion Jemburu 

Economics and Mathematics 


About: Orion is a third-year student from Ethiopia. He is honouring in Economics and majoring in Mathematics. This is his second year of Peer Tutoring in the subjects of Mathematics and Economics.  I really enjoy teaching and I hope to do it as a career in the future. 


What Orion wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: This service is included in your tuition so get the most out of it and boost your academic success! 


Random fact about Orion: He loves listening to folk music.




Hannah John


About:  Hannah is in her third year, intending to Honour in Political Economy and major in Communications and Public Policy.

What Hannah wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: It’s so easy to get all the help you need if you just take the first step of reaching out! One little step can change your whole GPA .

Random Fact about Hannah: She used to model as a child and teenager.




Madison King

English and French

About: Madison is a fourth-year student who is honouring in English, majoring in French, and minoring in Psychology. She is planning on pursuing a Bachelor of Education at STU after graduating in 2021, and she would love to be a high school French teacher. She spends her time listening to music and hanging out with friends and family.

What Madison wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: That peer tutors are just like them and that students all have the same goals and challenges. Students are all in this together and to make it easier, we need to talk it out with one another – even if it’s through the screen!

Random fact about Madison: Madison has played piano since she was a kid and has been the lead musician in two weddings!




Melanie Laplante


About: Melanie is a fourth-year student honouring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology and Criminology. Melanie has been involved at STU in the tutoring program, the athletics department and the Peer Mentor program. Some of her passions include playing soccer, drawing and helping others succeed. 

What Melanie wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: Being tutored is not something to be ashamed of. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it!

Random fact about Melanie: She has recently developed an obsession with plants, acquiring over 12 over the past four months.




Kate MacEwen

History and English Literature

About: Kate is in her fourth year and pursuing a Double Honours in English Literature and History. When she is not doing her readings, Kate is likely listening to music or trying to learn calligraphy. After STU, she hopes to continue her studies and teach others about the Humanities.

What Kate wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: Peer Tutors can help students find resources for papers or other research projects. We are happy to help dig through databases or explore library sites. 

Random Fact about me: Kate is a massive fan of ABBA. “Knowing Me, Knowing You,” Peer Tutoring is a great resource for you!




Anoushka Mandwal

Psychology and Philosophy

About: Anoushka is a fourth-year student minoring in Philosophy and doing an Honours in Psychology.

What Anoushka wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: You don’t need to be falling behind or in a bad spot to make use of your tutors! Tutors can help you with revising all your material and making a study plan, or even just recapping what you learned in class.

Random Fact About Anoushka: She has never had a pet but is looking forward to having many one day!




Nicole Murray

Criminology and Psychology

About: Nicole is a fourth-year Honours student in Criminology and pursuing a minor in Psychology and Human Rights.

What Nicole wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: It can be a great service to keep you on track with online schooling and help avoid procrastination for tests and assignments!

Random fact about Nicole: Nicole can sleep through absolutely anything, including when she slept through a small kitchen fire last year.




Chiara Nannucci

Psychology, Italian

About: Chiara is an international student from Italy, and she is in her fourth year. She is honouring in Psychology, majoring in Criminology, and minoring in Spanish. The thesis she is writing this year is about the fallibility of eyewitness testimonies and its awareness in police officers, prosecutors, and defence attorneys. Chiara wishes to become a lawyer.  

What Chiara wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: She wishes students knew how much academic help and emotional support they can receive from a tutor. 

Random Fact about Chiara: She loves horses, she has an obsession for Disney movies, and her favorite food is ice cream, or as they call it in Italy "gelato."




Alexa Navas

International Relations, Comparative Politics  

About: Alexa is in her fourth year, and is an international student from Nicaragua. She is honoring in International Relations and majoring in Economics with a minor in Political Science. Currently, she is a Campus Tour Ambassador, Peer Tutor, and Executive Team Member in STUISA and Venezuela 180 STU Club. Her favorite hobbies include reading, watching Netflix, and working out.

What Alexa wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring:  Students may not be aware of the fact that they are eligible for up to 2 hours per week of free tutoring with upper year students who can share their knowledge and techniques on how to keep up a high academic standard. This is an important resource available for all students!

Random Fact about Alexa: Her favorite color is pink!




Chi Nguyen


About: Chi is an international student that comes a long way from home to STU. She is currently in her third year and planning on honoring in Psychology.  In her free time, she enjoys reading, listening to music, chatting with family and friends and watching K-drama.  

What Chi wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: She hopes everyone knows that this is a really helpful service that they can utilize to feel more confident about their academic learning. We all want to help and learn from each other so please come to us. No need to be scared or shy! We welcome you all with an open hand, heart and mind. 

Random fact about Chi: She loves the moment when she can blend into one with the nature and hear the sound of rain because it brings her peace.




Sofia Paura

Communications and Public Policy   

About: Sofia is a fourth-year student from Brazil double majoring in Journalism and Communications. She has been involved with the STU community since her 1st year and is currently a member of Enactus STU and Theatre St. Thomas. In the future, she plans on working with communications and marketing, speak more than five languages and travelling the world. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her friends, read, write, and sing her lungs out to musicals and Disney songs. 

What Sofia wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: That it can help students not only about the subject they are getting tutored, but also how to become a better student in general.  

Random fact about Sofia: She has lived in three different countries and plans to add more to that list.




Sony Phung


About: Sony is a third-year student honouring in Psychology. Her focus is on social and cognitive psychology, and she would like to become a professor and/or a clinical psychologist someday. Sony loves to sing and dance to K-Pop songs in her free time.

What Sony wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: It's FREE, and even if you need no help, meeting a study buddy every week is hugely beneficial!

Random fact about Sony: Her documented first name is Nhat", which means "the sun" or "the day" in Sino-Vietnamese!




James Sears


About: James is a fourth-year student, honouring in Sociology with a minor in Gerontology.  His honours thesis is exploring how one’s life is transformed as a result of using wearable activity trackers, specifically focusing on transformations in the areas of body, health and social connectedness.    

What James wishes students new about Peer Tutoring: It’s FREE, undivided attention!

 Random Fact about James:  He spent four summers working as a Ceremonial Guard in Ottawa, ON.   




Kurvin Silvio


About: Kurvin is a fourth-year student honouring in French. He is always happy to help anyone to learn the language of love (and the best of all romance languages, in his opinion). He is also super excited to learn about new things and he would be stoked to have casual conversations with you in French. 

What Kurvin wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: That it’s okay to need that little extra help and it’s free!

Random fact about Kurvin: Kurvin comes from the paradise island of Mauritius (in all seriousness, Mark Twain said that). He loves outdoor activities, so you will always see him hiking, playing football or snorkeling in his free time.




Caelin Sullivan

English Language and Literature  

About: Caelin is a fourth-year student Honouring in English Language and Literature with a Concentration in Creative Writing, Majoring in Women & Gender Studies, and Minoring in Sociology. Caelin also works as a Research Assistant for the Sociology department. Caelin spends her spare time listening to music, reading fantasy novels and manga, watching anime, and playing games on the Nintendo Switch.  

What Caelin wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: That as a STU student you can get up to 2 hours of peer tutoring a week, completely free! We are here to help you learn new studying tips and get a better grasp of course content. 

Random Fact About Caelin: This summer Caelin played 375 hours of Animal Crossing New Horizons.




Paytra Waibel

Human Rights

About: Paytra is a third-year student pursuing a double major in both Human Rights and Criminology with a minor in Psychology. After her undergraduate degree is completed, she hopes to attend law school.

What Paytra wishes students knew about Peer Tutoring: How many great resources STU has to offer for academic success! The Peer Tutoring program is just one of many great things STU has to offer for its students.

Random fact about Paytra: She loves to be as organized as possible!




Alex Nguyen

Political Science


About: Alex is a second-year student, double majoring in Political Science and International Relations. She is also a member of the Moot Court program. In her free time, she loves to read, listen to music and of course, watch Netflix.


What Alex wants you to know about Peer Tutoring: Peer Tutoring is one of the free, amazing services that offer you the help you need from those have gone through the same struggles as you.


Random fact: Alex is a political geek!




James McPhee


About: James is a third-year STU student, majoring in Philosophy with a minor in Journalism. He plans to enroll in law school after his time here, ultimately intending to work in the field of human rights advocacy. James is from Planet Earth, Space. He avidly enjoys hiking, camping, writing and photography. James currently and predominantly associates ideologically with the philosophical branches of Utilitarianism and Deontology, but, is always open to developing new ideas and conversations!


What James wishes people knew about Peer Tutoring: A big part of what makes philosophy (and university in general, really) so overwhelming sometimes, is tackling these big, “real world” issues on your own. Most of the time, working through complex ideas and concepts can be accomplished, through simple conversation. That’s what we’re here for — to chat, listen, and help where we can!


Random Fact About James: His favourite food is lasagna but he has no idea how to make one…