Dr. Bateman has written on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, particularly on freedom of religion, s.15 jurisprudence, and the idea of human dignity in Charter law. He is co-editor of The Court and the Charter: Leading Cases (Emond Montgomery, 2008) and The Court and the Constitution: Leading Cases (Emond Montgomery, 2008). He has also written on New Brunswick’s fiscal challenges in the context of the idea of the embedded state. An article comparing the office of Canadian prime minister and the American presidency is forthcoming in David Thomas and David Biette, eds., Canada and the United States: Differences that Count, Fourth Edition (University of Toronto Press).


Dr. Bateman has teaching and research interests in Canadian government and politics, the Canadian constitution, Charter law and politics, and the judicial process. He is also interested in the history of liberal political ideas and in particular their interaction with freedom of religion and with technology. Dr. Bateman also teaches part-time in STU’s Great Books Program.