Presidential Search 2022

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Search Process

Search Committee Members

Chair, Search Committee and Vice-Chair, Board of Governors  – David Ferguson  

Chancellor, St. Thomas University – Hon. Graydon Nicholas, ex officio  

Secretary, Board of Governors – Hon. David Farrar, ex officio  

Members, Board of Governors (External) – Krista Han, Phillippe Ouellette  

Members, Faculty (Nominated by Senate) – Dr. Andrew Secord, Dr. Mary-Lou Babineau  

Member, Senior Administration – Dr. Kim Fenwick  

Member, Student (nominated by STUSU) – Julia Evans  

Member, Alumni (nominated by Alumni Association) – Stephanie Underhill Tomilson  

Associate Vice-President (Communications) – Jeffrey Carleton, ex officio   

Terms of Reference


Search High-Level Milestones Period
Begin Stakeholder Consultations   Late Winter 2022
Position Profile/Ad Published/Active Recruitment  Early Spring 2022
Candidate Assessments    Late Summer 2022   
First Interviews     Fall 2022 
Second Interviews/Community Engagement   Late Fall 2022  
Candidate Recommendations   Winter 2022-23
Announcement of New President and Vice-Chancellor  Spring 2023  



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Community Updates

March 2, 2022 - Message to Community – Launch of Presidential Search at St. Thomas University

The following message is sent on behalf of David Ferguson, Chair of the Presidential Search Committee.   


On behalf of the Board of Governors and members of the Presidential Search Committee, I am pleased to share information on our approach and timeline for the upcoming Presidential Search.  We have put in place a consultative and open search process with milestones over the next 12 months.  We have also engaged Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette (KBRS) as a consultant throughout the process.  KBRS was involved in our last search for a President and Vice-Chancellor and the recent search for the Vice-President (Finance and Administration). 


The Search Committee’s role is to plan and oversee all facets of the search leading to the identification of the individual the Committee considers best to lead the University and to recommend that individual to the Board of Governors.  In carrying out its responsibilities, the Search Committee recognizes the critical importance of confidentiality to the integrity and success of the search process.  The discussions and deliberations of the Committee, and all documents and information it receives relating to the process, must be kept confidential.  


The Committee also recognizes the value of a meaningful and comprehensive consultation process with the STU community.  To achieve this, we will share public information about the search process with our constituencies in a planned manner that informs and encourages participation.  We want to establish the consultative and open approach to the search early and, as we proceed, provide timely updates to keep all constituencies informed.  


To launch the search process, I am providing you with information on the composition of the Search Committee, timeline and milestones, and plans for consultation with stakeholders and the community that will begin this week.  


Composition of the Search Committee    

As Vice-Chair of the Board of Governors, I am chairing the Search Committee which is comprised of the  following additional members from the various constituencies that make up the STU community:  


  • Chancellor, St. Thomas University – Hon. Graydon Nicholas, ex officio 
  • Secretary, Board of Governors – Hon. David Farrar, ex officio 
  • Members, Board of Governors (External) – Krista Han, Phillippe Ouellette 
  • Members, Faculty (Nominated by Senate) – Dr. Andrew Secord, Dr. Mary-Lou Babineau 
  • Member, Senior Administration – Dr. Kim Fenwick 
  • Member, Student (nominated by STUSU) – Julia Evans 
  • Member, Alumni (nominated by Alumni Association) – Stephanie Underhill Tomilson 
  • Associate Vice-President (Communications) – Jeffrey Carleton, ex officio 


Timeline for the Search 

Working with KBRS, we have constructed a timeline that aims to announce a President and Vice-Chancellor by early Spring 2023. 


Search High-Level Milestones                                                     

Begin Stakeholder Consultations - Late Winter 2022              

Position Profile/Ad Published/Active Recruitment - Early Spring 2022              

Candidate Assessments -  Late Summer 2022           

First Interviews - Fall 2022               

Second Interviews/Community Engagement - Late Fall 2022      

Candidate Recommendations - Winter 2022-23  

Announcement of New President and Vice-Chancellor - Spring 2023 


Consultation with Stakeholders and Community 

Consultations with stakeholders and members of the community are an important part of this search and were built into the schedule. The consultations will provide the Search Committee with input from each part of the University community and give individuals the opportunity to obtain direct insight and provide feedback to inform the entire search process. 


The consultations will involve the Board of Governors, President and Vice-Chancellor Dawn Russell, Senior Administration, FAUST Executive, STUSU Executive, PSAC, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and donor and institutional partners.  They will take part in various engagement formats including virtual meetings for individuals and groups, facilitated focus groups, and surveys.  The consultation will focus on the community’s perspective on the issues and opportunities that the new President will face, what qualities they will need, potential priorities, and essential criteria they should possess such as skills, experience, credentials, or leadership attributes.  As we move to the stage of the search that involves a candidate’s second interview, we will be organizing the opportunity for members of the community to meet the candidates and provide further feedback. 


After today, KBRS and Cathy Buck, Executive Assistant to the President, will be reaching out to contact various individuals and groups on the first stage of consultations. 


Our next milestone will be the launch of the Search Website along with publication of the Position Profile and Employment Ad expected in six weeks.  If you have any questions, please reach out, in confidence, to


This is an important search that will contribute significantly to the next phase in the development of St. Thomas University.  I am hopeful that you will be able to contribute your experience, expertise, and perspective to the process and help to create a positive environment for the next President and Vice-Chancellor to begin their tenure. 


Thank you. 


David Ferguson 

Chair, Presidential Search Committee 

Vice-Chair, Board of Governors

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