Dr. Rosemary Clews Research Internship


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Deadline: November 1, 2021


The Dr. Rosemary Clews internship will assist students with their financial needs and reinforce their academic accomplishments while providing research training, skills development and experience. Participants will be better positioned to pursue graduate studies or begin their careers with sought-after research, analytical and project management skills and experiences that complement their liberal arts education deliverables: problem solving skills, critical thinking, global perspectives, and strong communication skills.


The internship is generously funded by friends and former colleagues of Dr Rosemary Clews. Dr. Clews joined the Social Work Department in August 1996 and served as a full-time faculty member in that department until June 2002.  In July of that year, Rosemary became Assistant Vice-President (Research) and remained in that position until June 2008, before retiring in 2009. Teaching students the skills required for research projects was a passion for Rosemary. To that end, she established and oversaw the annual Student Research Fair in order to showcase student research talents in their developmental phase.


Value and Term of Internship:

Student Eligibility:

  • Must be a registered full-time student in the third year of study or higher, in good academic standing, with the provisio that the student and/or faculty member cannot use this internship to facilitate the completion of an Honours degree requirement (thesis or major paper)

  • Must have demonstrated interest in research training and skills acquisition

  • Preference will be given to students indicating their interest and intention to work in a research field in government, the non-profit sector, or industry upon graduation, or their intent to apply for graduate study upon completion of their degree at St Thomas University


Supervisor Eligibility:

  • Successful applicants must wait two years before re-applying (one award per three year period).


Application Process:

  • Faculty complete an application form outlining the research project and detailing the specific skills and training the student will receive during the tenure of internship .


Research Project Eligibility:

A faculty member who submits the application form will be asked to provide the following:

  • The title, scope and subject of the research internship work

  • Confirmation that the research project can be initiated, sustained and completed within the term

  • A description of the training, experience and skills development initiatives involved. These skills may include several of the following:

    • Editing/publishing

    • Experimental or survey design/SPSS coding, comprehension and use

    • Field work/data collection/interview/focus groups techniques

    • NVIVO or text analysis software training

    • Discourse analysis/narrative/grounded theory analysis

    • Historical/archival methods

    • Literary/language analysis

    • Composition or exhibition curating

    • Website design

    • Film production.

  • Confirmation that unless explicitly demonstrated in the application form, the internship shall take place on University premises.


Preference will be given to applications that demonstrate innovative or creative ways of combining the learning/research experience.



A Final Report Form evaluating the work of the RA must be submitted within one month of completion of the internship. The form should be completed jointly by the student and the supervising professor.



The Final Report Form is found here.


Policy: Dr. Rosemary Clews Memorial Student Research Internship


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