Upper Third Sextile (U3S) Award

Applications due within 60 days of SSHRC notice

Application Form

Value: up to $2,000

Applicants for SSHRC research grants, whose proposals are ranked in the top three sextiles, are eligible to apply for seed funding in the form of a U3S Award.

The conditions and/or criteria associated with U3S Awards are:

Pre Award

In order to be eligible for a U3S Award, applicants must submit their original SSHRC application to the ORS by the internal deadline.
U3S Award application forms must be submitted within 60 days of the date of the letter from SSHRC notifying the applicant of their status and must include the following:

  • A copy of the SSHRC application given U3S status
  • Copies of the Committee’s and Assessors' reports
  • A completed budget request, within the application form (maximum $2,000)
  • A copy of the Final Report from the applicant's most recent U3S (or 4A) Award from this committee (if applicable)
    Final Report Forms are available HERE

Post Award

As a condition of this award recipients must:

  • Submit a revised SSHRC application in the next appropriate competition.
  • Provide the Office of Research Services with a Final Report on the research funded by this award that documents the extent to which this funding has contributed to the revised application. This report is due 3 months after the award is granted and may be posted on the Research website. Final Report Forms are available HERE
  • Research grants are to be used by the deadline date specified in the letter awarding the grant (within 3 months after the award is granted), unless a request for an extension is approved by the Associate Vice-President (Research).
  • Contact department assistants for information about current rates for reimbursement of subsistence and mileage or visit the University Expenditure Policy.
  • Previously incurred expenses (i.e. incurred before competition deadline) are not eligible for reimbursement.
  • Individuals will be awarded no more than one U3S Award in an academic year.


Applications for U3S funding will be processed as they are received. Results will normally be available within 2 weeks.