Ethics Review Instructions

This process applies to funded and un-funded research conducted by faculty, staff, anyone representing St. Thomas University, and those using institutional resources (email distribution lists, bulletin boards, on-campus groups, etc.) in order to recruit participants from the St. Thomas University Community.


Before a researcher may proceed with recruiting human participants for their study, they must submit a complete application to the REB who will review it for compliance with the TCPS. If the study is deemed to be above minimal risk, the researcher must complete the TCPS CORE Tutorial. If access to research funds is needed prior to gaining ethics clearance, request a partial release of funds here.

Samples and Templates

Once a complete application is received, allow 4 weeks for review, depending on the date of submission. After the REB have met, the Chair will communicate their decisions in an electronic letter to the lead researcher (Principle Investigator). Typically, the REB will either request further information, edits to related documents, or it will deem the proposed study to be in compliance with the TCPS.

Once ethical clearance has been granted (approval), the researcher is then free to commence their work and research funds (if any) will be released. To request that your funds be released prior to receiving ethical clearance, please provide a detailed request using this form.


Every year, researchers must communicate the status of their study with the REB in order to continue the study beyond one year of the date of certification.

It is important to complete the Annual Renew/Final Report Form before certification expires. Certificates cannot be renewed beyond five years.

To make changes to the design of your study, information letter, consent form, interview questions, etc., first inform the REB of the proposed changes by submitting a Study Amendment Request.

To report a serious adverse event immediately contact the REB. Call (506) 452-0621 and complete an Unanticipated Issue Report Form and await further instructions.


To close your file, submit an Annual Renewal / Final Report.


Lauren Eagle
REB Coordinator
506 452 0647