Your experiences in class and in the community will prepare you for whatever you choose for yourself after St. Thomas. A Bachelor of Arts degree is dynamic and transferable—whether you decide to pursue graduate school or begin your career right after graduation, you will be ready.

Our alumni are proof that a degree from St. Thomas has no limits. They work in law, business, social work, education, marketing, global affairs, journalism, government, human rights—and more!

Take it from our Alumni

Emily Lutz, BA '11

Deputy Mayor, Kings County, Nova Scotia
Majors: Political Science, Great Books

"I'm grateful for the opportunities I was given at STU to become a well-rounded critical thinker."

Sawyer Hannay, BA '17

Creator/President, Country Liberty
Major: Economics with Business

"My education taught me to think critically about diverse issues, which is important when running a business."

Justin Caines, BA '11

Lawyer, Cox and Palmer
Major: Political Science

"A liberal arts education provides much more than knowledge. It provides a constructive way of thinking and dealing with issues."


Katelynn Brinkman, BA '15

Art Therapist, McGill Health Centre
Major: Psychology, Criminology and Criminal Justice

"The freedom to take elective classes, and the support from my professors, led me to turn my interests into a career."


Thea Johnson, BA '14

National Marketing Specialist, A.P. Reid Insurance Stores
Major: Communications

"STU helped me develop my communication and critical thinking skills, and master the ability to excel under tight deadlines, multitask, and adapt to different situations quickly."