Michelle Greason

Assistant Professor in Social Work

Michelle is a registered social worker, with experience in the areas of aging and long-term care (LTC), paediatrics, and working with individuals and families. Structural, anti-oppressive/privilege, and narrative theories form the foundation of, and resonate throughout, her teaching, direct practice, and research. Her research is largely concerned with policy, LTC, ethics and ethical decision-making, as well as narrative care/engagement, and interdisciplinary work. In all of her research, there is a focus on practical methods of knowledge mobilization, and she values a “bottom-up” approach to research. She is passionate about teaching, experiential learning, and the connection between policy, practice, and social justice. 


Michelle’s current research explores: system navigation for older adults and their caregivers in New Brunswick; structural social workers’ approaches to, and experiences with, maintaining and embodying structural social while working in predominantly conventional settings, and; narrative care/engagement training in the helping professions.