Erin Fredericks




Erin Fredericks has been teaching in the Department of Sociology since 2013. Her area of expertise is sociology of health. Within this field, she examines interconnections between gender and other forms of marginalization, representations of health and illness, and health behaviours. Her PhD work examined women’s experiences of breast cancer in the context of the pink ribbon movement, which has contributed to the creation of popular perceptions of what it means to be a woman with cancer. She has a number of research studies underway, including continued studies of breast cancer experiences and new research on the proscriptions and prescriptions in self-help literature written for the LGBTQ community. 

Erin Fredericks is an enthusiastic university teacher. She regularly teaches Introduction to Sociology, Research Methods, Sociology of Health and Sociology of Disease. She is committed to supporting students in developing critical perspectives that will allow them to enact change in the world. She is also committed to making these changes herself as an active volunteer in the Fredericton community.