Study Permit

To study in Canada, you will be required to obtain a study permit. To obtain the permit, you will need the following documents:

  • Proof of acceptance to St. Thomas University

  • Proof of identity

  • Proof of financial support (bank statements, scholarship information, etc.) 

  • Letter of explanation

It is strongly suggested that you apply for your study permit to last the length of your program. This will ensure that you will only pay a fee once. For example, if you are in a four-year program at St. Thomas, apply for a visa that will be valid for four years. It is also important to keep in mind that in order to get a permit that lasts four years, your passport must be valid for longer than those four years. Otherwise, you will have to renew your passport, and then renew your study permit.


For more information, and to apply for your study permit, visit

There may be additional information you are required to present. Check the visa office instructions for your country or region for local requirements.

You may be required to present proof of present immigration status if you are not a citizen of the country where you submit your application.

If the government that issued your passport or travel document requires a re-entry permit, you must obtain one before you apply for a Canadian visa.

To keep your permit, you must remain enrolled and make reasonable and timely progress towards completing your program.