Student Transit Pass

St. Thomas Students are able to use the HotSpot app to claim their virtual Transit Pass usable for all Fredericton Transit Services. This service is provided in partnership with STUSU and Fredericton Transit on behalf of St. Thomas University. 


Students will be required to make a HotSpot account by downloading the HotSpot app:

Apply App Store           Google Play Store



  1. Make an Account
    You will be required to make a HotSpot account as Student ID cards will no longer be required or accepted when boarding Fredericton Transit.

  2. Claim your Pass 
    Navigate to the bus pass screen and select Fredericton, then STUSU pass. To claim your pass you need to be connected to the internet to enter your student ID number. There is no cost for this service.

  3. Board the Bus!
    The Virtual Pass can be used after initial setup both offline and online simply show the drive your pass on boarding. 

If you have any questions, please contact