COVID-19 Update: Writing Centre Online Services

The STU Writing Centre is here to support you during this unprecedented time. To achieve this, we are moving all appointments online beginning Monday, March 23 at 9 am.


How do online appointments work? 

It’s easy! Shortly before your appointment time, log into, click on your appointment, and then select the red 'start or join online consultation' link. You and your tutor will have access to a shared, virtual whiteboard where you can revise and edit text, a live chat bar, and audio capabilities so you can talk to your tutor if you wish. There is a video option, but we have elected to not use that at this time, and your tutor will be disabling it at the beginning of your session.


What happens in an online appointment?

That’s up to you! Your tutor can help at any stage of the writing process, including helping you prepare outlines, discussing assignment guidelines, organizing ideas, and answering citation style questions. As long as you have your assignment guidelines and some ideas, you and your tutor can use the hour to work together to move you further along the writing process.


How should I prepare for my online appointment? 

When scheduling your appointment, an option will appear to upload your writing assignment document. If you are scheduling in advance and haven’t written anything yet, you can edit your appointment and upload documents closer to your appointment time. We also ask that for any appointment that students upload a copy of the assignment guidelines in this space. Don’t worry if you haven’t written anything to upload- your tutor will still assist you with any questions you may have.


5-10 minutes before your appointment time, make sure you are in front of your computer, in a quiet space, and ready to go! Your tutor will be waiting for you.


How do I book an online appointment? 

Go to If you haven’t already, you must click on ‘register for an account’. Once your account is created using your STU email address, log back in, and select the schedule “ONLINE APPOINTMENTS: Writing Centre Winter 2020.” Our online calendar will show any available appointments in white.


Is there anything the writing tutors can’t help with online? 

Yes, as per usual, we are unable to help with take-home exams, unless your professor has given their consent.


Also, adhering to the rules of academic integrity and honesty, we can’t help you with the ideas in your writing. We understand that it is important for your writing to reflect your own voice, abilities, and knowledge. For this reason, writing tutors are trained to edit and educate, rather than simply rewrite your work. 


Top 5 Advantages of Online Appointments:

SAFE: You have access to all the help and resources you need, while keeping yourself and others safe.

SUPPORTIVE: With change happening rapidly around us, it can be comforting and calming to talk out an assignment with another person, even if you don’t have anything written yet!

“PLAY BACK” feature: Any time after your online meeting, you can open your own appointment, click on the link to go into your meeting, and then use the “timeslider” clock icon in the row of symbols at the top right to “play back” your session with the tutor, and see text changes in the order they happened.

CONVENIENT: As always, you can book and manage your own appointments online, up to two per week.

CONNECTED: We may be socially distant, but that doesn’t mean that we have to isolate ourselves from our academic community! Stay connected by booking every week, and let us help motivate you to finish these last assignments.

For more information and online resources, visit our Writing Centre website.



Your STU Writing Centre Team