Meet Our Team

Heather MacDonald

Writing Center Coordinator

BA Honours English Language and Literature,
St. Thomas University, 2002

MA Folklore,
Memorial University, 2008

Bachelor of Education,
St. Thomas University, 2010

About: Before coming to the Writing Centre, Heather taught Adult Education, and was also the Learning Strategist at STU for 3 years. Her father graduated from STU in 1974, so she is a second generation STUdent, and feels like this is home. When she is not working with words, Heather is running after her adorable twin girls.

Writing Pet Peeve: Overuse of the word “literally.”

Random Fact about Heather: She plays tin whistles and sings in a Celtic folk band. She recently bought an accordion and is taking lessons.


Brandon Case

Criminology, Criminal Justice, Human Rights

About: Brandon graduated from STU in May of 2020 and is now attending the law school at the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. At STU, Brandon honoured in Criminology & Criminal Justice and minored in Human Rights. His thesis topic involved studying the construction of accused persons in HIV non-disclosure cases as dangerous, devious and deviant. In his free time, Brandon is probably listening to pop music or planning what concert to attend next.

Writing Pet Peeve: Confusion between your/you’re and there/their/they’re.

Random Fact about Brandon: Brandon’s (somewhat?) guilty pleasure is his obsession with Taylor Swift. Let’s be honest, he’s not guilty about it at all.


Photo of Ethan NylenEthan Nylen

Great Books, Political Science

About: Ethan is a third-year student majoring in Great Books and Political Science while minoring in Philosophy. Ethan is involved at St. Thomas in the Writing Centre, the Admissions team and as a member of the Moot Court program. Some of his pass times are reading, running, and playing hockey.

Writing Pet Peeve: Ethan's writing pet peeve is run on sentences.  

Random Fact about Ethan: Ethan really enjoys roller coasters and hopes to sky-dive some day in the future, despite his fear of heights.




Laura Rea

Human Rights, Great Books, Criminology and Criminal Justice 

About: Laura is a fourth-year student honouring in Human Rights and GRID with a major in Criminology. She is originally from Ontario and came to Fredericton because she loves to explore new places and was intrigued by STU's unique GRID and Moot Court programs. She likes to spend her free time hiking, camping and hanging out with friends. 

Writing Pet Peeve: Vague pronoun use, especially with the pronoun "it."

Random Fact: She has never seen any of the Disney Princess movies.






Patricia Forestell

English Language and Literature, Sociology

About: Patricia is a third-year student, currently planning on honouring in English Literature and minoring in Sociology. In future, she would like to pursue a PHD in English Literature at the University of Toronto, work in the publishing industry, and one day become a published author. She grew up in Fredericton, and spends most of her time reading and writing.

Writing Pet Peeve: Not using enough punctuation, and run on sentences.

Random Facts about Patricia: She was born in Toronto, and lived in England for three years.






Kristina Iurchenko

English Language and Literature, History 

About: Kristina is a second-year student planning to pursue double honours in English and History. She dreams of becoming a teacher or professor after she finishes her education. She loves to travel and explore new places. Kristina spends her free time hanging out with her family and friends, reading, drawing, watching TV shows, and running.     

Writing Pet Peeve: 
Punctuation errors and confusion between indefinite and definite articles.    


Random Fact about Kristina: She was born and raised in Russia but moved to Canada in 2018.