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Cristi Flood 700 980

Admissions Counsellor
Office: 506-452-0529
Cell: 506-470-4034
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I have called St. Thomas University my home since I moved to Fredericton from New England in 2010 to begin my Bachelor of Arts degree.  Four years later, I graduated with an Honours in Interdisciplinary Studies, as well as a major in Sociology and minor in English Language and Literature.

Throughout my time as a student at St. Thomas, I was constantly stimulated inside and outside of the classroom.  When I was not in the Study Hall researching topics such as media representations of physician-assisted dying in Canada, you could have found me working as the Yearbook Editor, acting as the Welcome Week Coordinator, volunteering throughout Fredericton, participating in St. Thomas University’s Gerontology Society, developing my academic skills as a Research Assistant, or presenting research from my honours thesis at a national conference alongside esteemed post-doctoral researchers and professors.

My experiences as a student at St. Thomas helped me refine my ability to think critically, write clearly, speak confidently, and better understand various people and their lived experiences—skills that helped me not only succeed within the Master of Arts program I completed immediately after graduating from St. Thomas, but skills that have also helped me immensely within the workforce.  My mentors and colleagues at St. Thomas helped me translate my varied interests and general desire to help others into real, measurable, carefully considered actions.

Although St. Thomas ended up being the ideal university for me, the process of deciding on a university to attend was daunting and exciting for me.  I wanted to attend an institution that was academically rigorous – a school where professors and classmates alike would push me to explore competing and challenging ideas.  At the same time, as a first-generation student, I was seeking a school where I would feel supported and be welcomed into a community of passionate, engaged, and caring individuals.  After researching dozens of schools across the United States and Canada, I suspected St. Thomas offered the type of rewarding, social justice-oriented education that I was looking for, and once I visited campus and saw things for myself, I knew I had found my perfect fit.

It would be my pleasure to answer any questions you may have and/or arrange for you to visit STU’s campus too.  Hope to see you soon!



Admissions Counsellor
Office: 506-452-0460
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Hello everyone!

I am thrilled to have completed 2 degrees as a STUdent, graduating in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts, and in 2019 with a Bachelor of Education. I am originally from Waterloo, Ontario, and although I was already excited about coming to Fredericton to study at STU before arriving, it turned out to be the most amazing decision! I was nervous about coming to a place where I didn’t know anyone, but I quickly found the STU community to be very welcoming and open.

The program offerings and unique liberal arts approach to education played a large role for me when deciding on STU, and my education here proved to be enriching, teaching me a lot about myself and the world around me. In my BA, I loved the freedom my degree offered by allowing me to take many courses outside of my French major and Music minor, such as Great Books, History, and Psychology. I also quickly found myself involved in extracurriculars, leadership, work, and volunteer opportunities at STU! 

I remember that making a decision about which university to attend was difficult but also very exciting. I’d love to chat with you about STU to see if it is the right fit for you, so don’t hesitate to reach out!



Admissions Counsellor
Office: 506-453-7218
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Hello everyone!


I graduated from STU’s Bachelor of Arts program in 2019 with Majors in International Relations and Political Science, as well as Minors in Economics and History. I am originally from a small island off the coast of Maine with a population of approximately 365 people, but STU’s tight-knit community and small class sizes made the University a perfect fit for me.


Starting in a new place can be scary and intimidating, but everyone at STU made me feel right at home. Whether it was professors knowing my name throughout my entire four years (although I may have only had one class with them in my first year), living in residence, or being involved in societies around campus, I felt immediately welcomed into a new community. This was important to me after having graduated from a high school of 16 students where everyone knew each other.


I always knew that I was interested in liberal arts, specifically focusing on the social sciences, but through the first couple of years, the ability to take a variety of classes allowed for me to find what I was truly passionate about. This not only led me to where I am today, but also allowed me to develop a variety of skills that a liberal arts education provides, including critical writing and thinking skills.


I had the most amazing experience at STU during my four years and would love to talk with you about them. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email or arrange a tour to come visit on campus. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


 Camila Vasquez 700 980

International Admissions Counsellor
Office: 506-452-0562
Cell: 506-470-7953
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Hi there! 

I graduated from STU in 2012 with double honours in English and Great Books. I then went on to complete a Master’s degree in Philosophy. I came to Fredericton as an international student from Lima, Peru, and coming to STU has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.

As an international student, it was important for me to feel comfortable living miles away from home. Both Fredericton and St. Thomas were perfect for this transition. Fredericton is the ideal city because it has the atmosphere of a bigger city with the comfort and safety of a smaller place. St. Thomas has small class sizes and friendly and intelligent faculty and staff while offering a world-class education. There's also so much to do you won't get bored here.

During my time at STU I participated in a variety of extra-curricular activities, from working with the Students' Union to being elected Grad Class President. Whatever your interests are, you will find an opportunity to pursue them within the community. 

Before coming to university I knew I wanted to study in a liberal arts school because of the knowledge and skills this education would give me. St. Thomas allowed me to pursue a variety of disciplines taught by passionate and knowledgeable professors while I figured out what I wanted to do. 

I am really passionate about this university, and I can't wait to talk to you about the opportunities that await you here. I love talking to new students, so feel free to message me if you have any questions at all.

 Kaylee Moore 700 980

International Admissions Counsellor 
Office: 506-460-0386
Cell: 506-476-4537
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Hi there!

I graduated from STU in 2014 with a BA in Journalism and Communications, and a minor in Political Science. I’m originally from Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, USA and had many questions about doing my undergrad in another country. After touring St. Thomas, my hesitations were eliminated and I immediately fell in love with STU and Fredericton. My international experience at STU became the best years of my life. I met my very best friends, and learned so much about the world around me. At STU, the city often becomes your classroom. Fredericton’s vibrant multiculturalism and energetic community makes this riverside college town a perfect place to be a student.

It’s a big decision when choosing which university is the right fit for you, but the welcoming and supportive people at St. Thomas made that transition easy. Students are the number one priority here. It’s shown through admissions, arriving on campus, extra-curricular clubs and events, residence and inside the classroom. The professors are passionate about what they do. They want to teach here for the small and engaging classes that allow us to explore big ideas and challenge the ways of conventional thinking.

My experience at STU was fantastic, and I’m excited to share it with you in your high schools and communities. I worked in international recruitment for three years as a student and loved every minute of it and meeting new students. Please don’t hesitate to contact me! I encourage you to visit campus or set-up a virtual tour to see it for yourself. I can’t wait to chat about the opportunities available to you at St. Thomas.