Bachelor of Arts

One Degree.
More Than 30 Majors. Choose from different academic departments in your first year to gain exposure to the subjects that interest you. Your degree will start to take shape as you declare at least one major after your second year, but you will continue to take classes outside of your chosen major to diversify your knowledge, experience, and perspective. Find your major >>


Liberal Arts Approach

Our purpose is to provide you with a broad academic foundation before moving into more focused academic study during your upper years. You will be free to study topics that interest you, discover what motivates you, and learn about a range of issues and different perspectives. Through your studies and mentorship from professors, you will develop a better idea of what you want from your education, and how you can take what you are learning into your career.

An Environment for Academic Success

Academic Support

You will find a wide-range of servies to help you succeed during your time at St. Thomas. This includes support specific to academic success—wether you're in your first or final year of your degree. Learn More >>


Supportive Professors

Small, capped class sizes help you get to know your professors. Our faculty are truly invested in student success. In addition to being profoundly knowledgeable, they are also available and approachable in and out of class.