At St. Thomas University, you will benefit from small classes that allow for engaging dialogue and encourage collaborative learning. You will get to know fellow STUdents and professors as you learn to explore controversial and competing ideas with informed judgement. Opportunities to apply what you’re learning—through service learning, internships, and experiential learning—will help you refine your skills in advanced critical thinking, creative problem solving, research and analysis, and adaptability.

Bachelor of Arts

An education that caters to who you are.

Applied Arts

In partnership with NBCC, complete a Bachelor of Applied Arts.

Image for Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning gives you the opportunity to put in-class learning to work and gain professional experience.

Bachelor of Social Work

Challenge social injustices in the four-year undergraduate Bachelor of Social Work program (two years of liberal arts and two years of social work).

Master of Social Work

Master of Social Work

Deepen your knowledge and skills to respond effectively to issues at the personal, family, cultural, community, and socio-political levels.

Graduate from the MMBSW program

Mi'kmaq Maliseet Program

Provides First Nation individuals a social work education within a flexible and culturally relevant framework.

Bachelor of Education

Lead, mentor, challenge, and inspire in the post-degree Bachelor of Education (11-month program).

An Environment for Academic Success

You will find a wide-range of servies to help you succeed during your time at St. Thomas. This includes support specific to academic success—whether you're in your first or final year of your degree. 


Our Academic Community

Study your interests, explore different fields, learn to understand important issues, and use your education to make a difference.