Mi'kmaq Maliseet Program

The Mi’kmaq/Maliseet Bachelor of Social Work Program is an accredited social work program that provides First Nation individuals with an opportunity to receive social work education within a flexible and culturally relevant framework. 

The program is directed toward First Nation peoples in New Brunswick, Quebec, and the Maritime Provinces who wish to become social workers in their communities.

Distinctive Features

  • There is recognition that First Nation peoples have been historically disadvantaged in educational and other systems.
  • The program design respects that First Nation students are typically employed and have family commitments. In recognition of these commitments, courses are offered one week per month (fall, winter, spring semesters) over a three year period.
  • There is recognition of First Nation systems of knowledge, practice and ways of learning.
  • There is a culturally-relevant curriculum that reflects First Nation’s holistic world view.
  • The program is overseen by a committee of members from St. Thomas University, First Nations Child and Family Agencies, and student representatives from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have completed a minimum of 60 credit hours in liberal arts courses as a prerequisite for admission. A minimum grade point average of 2.0 (which may be based on the most recent 15 credit hours) is required for admission to the MMBSW program. 

Application Process

Stage 1

The application deadline for the post-degree MMBSW program is January 31. The application, including supporting documents, must be received by the Admissions Office on or before the January 31 deadline. The required application and documents include the following: 

  1. a completed application for admission found here, including the $55.00 non-refundable application fee ($40.00 for New Brunswick applicants)*
  2. personal statement on which you outline your reason(s) for applying to a professional program of social work studies, and identify your professional/learning goals and any relevant vocational plans. You are encouraged to refer to personal, volunteer, professional and/or employment experiences that have influenced your understanding of social work and your decision to apply. The Selection Committee advises applicants to include in their personal statements what they have learned from their experiences that has relevance for social work. You are also welcome to provide any other information that you believe will be relevant to the Social Work Department and the University in selecting candidates for the social work program.
  3. detailed résumé on your education, work, and volunteer history.
  4. two reference forms (from diverse sources such as academic, professional, personal) Reference forms for distribution to your referees can be found here: MMBSW Reference Form. Please refer your references to the MMBSW Reference Guidelines and advise them of the January 31 deadline for the program.
  5. official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions you have attended. Please note, if you have a STU transcript, you will not need to submit it, as our Admissions Office has access to it.

 *Please submit an online application for admission here. Click "Sign Up" and follow the instructions to sign-in to the online application portal. Once you are signed in, click "Start a New Application," followed by "Start Application" under the Post-Degree Program section. Select the Mi’kmaq/Maliseet Bachelor of Social Work program, your anticipated enrolment status (Full-time or Part-time) and the Fall (Sept- Apr) 2020 term. You will be prompted to pay the application fee at the end of the application. All other supplementary documents (personal statement, personal current résumé) can be emailed to the Admissions Office at admissions@stu.ca.

For further information, please see our MMBSW Application Instructions 2020-2023. Please also refer to the Application checklist on your applicant portal (once your application for admission has been submitted) to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. As your documents are received by the Admissions Office, they will be marked as received on your checklist.

Stage 2

As part of the application process, all eligible candidates will be contacted to attend a group interview with two social work faculty members and complete a written social issue analysis.

All applicants will receive a letter indicating the status of their application. The letter will be mailed to the address entered on the online application form.

For further information, please contact:

Sandra Germain
MMBSW Program Coordinator
sgermain@nbnet.nb.ca or sgermain.listuguj@gmail.com