1) The following are ex officio members of Senate:

  1. The President, who shall be Chair;
  2. the Vice-President (Academic), who shall be Vice-Chair;
  3. the Registrar, who shall be Secretary;
  4. the Deans
  5. the President of University of New Brunswick;
  6. the President of FAUST;
  7. the President of the Students' Union;
  8. Vice-President (Education) of the Students' Union;
  9. the Chairs and Directors of Departments, Programs and Schools, (currently Anthropology, Criminology, Economics, Education, English, Fine Arts, Gerontology, Great Books, History, Human Rights, Journalism, Mathematics and Science and Technology Studies, Native Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Romance Languages, Social Work, and Sociology);
  10. the 3 faculty members of the Board of Governors.

(Note): any of the above members may designate delegates to represent them at any given meeting.  Such delegates will be considered as voting members of Senate for that meeting, subject to notice being received by the Secretary prior to the meeting.

2) The following are elected members of Senate (See Appendix A: "Election to Senate"):

  1. three (3) faculty members, one of whom must be a part-time faculty member, elected by Senate;
  2. two (2) students elected by the general student body;
  3. one (1) member of the Board of Governors who is not a faculty member, as elected by the Board;
  4. one (1) representative of the Alumni Association, as elected by the Alumni Association.

3) At all times, the total number of faculty members of Senate must not comprise less than two thirds of the total Senate membership.