2000 - Dr. Patrick Malcolmson

Department of Political Science
BEd (Alberta), MA (Alberta), PhD (Toronto)

Dr. Patrick Malcolmson has been a member of the faculty at St. Thomas University since 1990 and is recognized by both faculty and students for his achievements. Dr. Malcolmson has published numerous book reviews, scholarly papers, and articles as well as being the co-author of two books: The Canadian Regime and Liberal Education and Value Relativism: A Guide to Today's B.A.

Along with being Chair of the Department of Political Science and Chair of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission, Dr. Malcolmson serves on several other committees and organizations such as the University Senate and the Aquinas Programme steering committee. Maintaining an open-door policy and always being available to talk after class is evidence of Dr. Malcolmson's commitment to his students. Over the years, he has personally supervised ten Political Science honours students.

Dr. Malcolmson's approach to teaching is to present alternative points of view, argue different sides and leave the students to decide for themselves which argument is most reasonable. To accomplish this process, he uses the Socratic or dialectical method, focusing on dialogue. Holding to the value of a liberal education, Dr. Malcolmson attempts to educate his students on how to open their minds to consider arguments they may never have heard before. He sees the teacher-student relationship as one in which "the more experienced student is trying to help the less experienced student find their way."

Throughout the years, Dr. Patrick Malcolmson has proven himself to be a role model for his students through his dedication and hard work. The genuine manner in which he teaches is evidence of his desire for his students, as well as himself, to open their minds and learn. Dr. Malcolmson sums up his goals as a professor by saying, "At the end of the day, it is my simple but sincere hope that we will have made some progress in understanding politics and ourselves."