2003 - Dr. Sheila Andrew

Department of History
BA (Oxford), Post-Graduate Certificate in Secondary Education (Cambridge), MA (Oxford), MA (UNB), PhD (UNB)


Dr. Sheila Andrew has been part of the St. Thomas University community since she joined the history department in1988. She became a tenured associate professor in 1996 and chair of the history department from 1995-1998; however, it is not just her long list of credentials which endears her to her students and fellow faculty members.

Emphasizing a nurturing and stimulating classroom environment, Dr. Andrew is known for her spontaneous teaching approach. Involved with many scholarly journals and publications, Dr. Andrew is also active in many regional historical and archaeological societies.

Her areas of interest and specialization include the history of the Acadians, French Canadians and nationalism, as well as immigrants in Canada, Canadian women, the Canadian North and the Nature of History, to name a few.

Using innovative techniques such as role-playing, field trips, acting games, demonstrations and class interest groups, she engages her students in interactive learning. Recognized for her contributions to the greater community of historians, Dr. Sheila Andrew is both an asset to the St. Thomas community and an inspiration to her students.