STU Cares Day of Action

September 18, 2021
STU Cares Day of Action


STU Cares Day of Action returns on September 18 from 9 am to 4 pm. Providing both in-person and virtual opportunities, this exciting event is an inclusive way for students to gain valuable volunteering experience.


STU Cares places emphasis both on creating local change within our community, while also providing students an avenue to create new connections with peers who care about the same important causes. The end goal of STU Cares is to foster a relationship between learning and volunteering, and to show students the benefits of volunteering.


STU Cares will once again be a combination of virtual and in-person events this year. Both are concurrent, and both remain as excellent ways to meet new friends; engage with a community organization in Fredericton; make a difference; and explore current/future volunteer and career opportunities.


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For any questions, please contact: Calum MacDonald, STU Cares Student Coordinator, at: