St. Thomas Honours Dean’s List Students for 2016-2017

By: Sean Crocker, BA'18

For St. Thomas students Nicholas Jackson and Samantha Arthurs, time management, balance, and hard work have paid off.

Jackson, third-year Economics, and Arthurs, second-year Philosophy, were among the 303 students recognized as members of the university’s Dean’s List for 2016-2017.

Coming from Prince Edward Island, Jackson found a niche in the St. Thomas community and has learned valuable lessons along the way.

“It’s all about going to class,” Jackson said. “It is so much more important to go to class than in high school, and if you have time management and do that, you have everything.”

He believes time management is the key to his success, and while this is the case for many, it’s even more crucial for him as a member of the men’s volleyball team.

“We practice an hour and a half every day, plus games on the weekends. It makes the schedule busy, so that makes time management vital to get all of your work done.”

Although the in-class learning is important, Jackson said there are many skills he is getting at St. Thomas that go beyond the classroom.

“University gives you a chance to learn a lot about who you are as a person,” he said. “I learned a lot about myself moving away from home. It’s not just another grade level, it’s a brand new experience.”

Arthurs, who came to St. Thomas from Saint John, NB, agrees the key to success is balance.

 “It is definitely about the balance,” Arthurs said. “You can’t only do stuff in the classroom, and you can’t always do it outside. Make the time to go and talk to your professors and soak it all in.”

One of the advantages of a St. Thomas education is the opportunity to explore multiple interests—something Arthurs is taking full advantage of.

“I’m developing as a person because I’m focusing on stuff I’m interested in, so I make sure I put in the time and effort that is needed for those courses,” she said.

Her advice for future STUdents is simple—do the work.

 “Do the readings and do the homework,” she said. “I find that is what makes it so much easier to learn and take in all the knowledge.”

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