STU Moving to Eduroam as Wi-Fi Network Name

St. Thomas University is moving to eduroam as our primary WIFI network name.  STU-Guest will continue to be available for guests without eduroam.
Currently at STU you can connect to either eduroam or STU-Secure.  These two names are associated to the exact same network and they provide the exact same speeds, privacy and security.  Because they are identical we are simplifying our WIFI environment by dropping STU-Secure.  We are keeping eduroam as it allows STU faculty, staff and students to take their devices to other universities and instantly get a secure WIFI connection.  Many universities are making this same decision.
There is no loss of security, privacy or speed with this change as both eduroam and STU-Secure are names for the exact same network. This does not affect your password. Your current password works with both eduroam and STU-Secure. However, you must include the with your user id when logging into eduroam.  This way as you roam to different participating institutions eduroam knows is your home.
We are looking to turn off STU-Secure at 12:30 PM on Monday June 25, 2018.
Please take the time to switch your wireless connections on your laptop, phone and other devices to eduroam.  This will ensure no interruption in your WIFI access.
If you would like a hand connecting to eduroam, call ITS at 452-0635, email us at or drop by and see us in JDH 207 and we would be glad to help.