Language Courses Offer Funded Study Exchange Opportunity to Ireland

St. Thomas University is partnering with the Irish Canada University Foundation to offer an introduction to Irish Language course which includes an opportunity for a fully funded student exchange to Ireland for three students.


For almost a decade, STU has welcomed a scholar from Ireland to teach IRSH-2173 and IRSH-2183: Introduction to Irish Language. These courses are for students with an interest in learning languages, but are also for anyone interested in Irish Studies or has Irish heritage. The courses focus on writing, hearing, and speaking Irish, as well as the socio-linguistic elements of the language or ‘An Ghaeilge’. Students also learn how the Irish language has maintained its position in a mostly Anglophone contemporary Ireland.


The ICUF Scholar for 2018-19 is Professor Dean Farrell from the University College Dublin, Ireland.

"I am very excited about my year here at STU and am anxious to introduce Irish to as many people as possible. I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to come to New Brunswick and promote Irish through both education and culture. Fredericton was my choice, as I am interested in the arts scene here, as well as the close connection the city has with the Irish language scholar Douglas Hyde and the Anglo-Irish writer Oscar Wilde, both of whom spent time here. I hope to get involved with the local theatre scene, organise folklore exchange evenings, teach tin whistle, and to learn some more about the history and culture of Fredericton."


As part of the partnership with the ICUF, students taking Irish Studies courses are eligible to apply for a three-week study stay in an Irish-language district called ‘An Ghaeltacht’. The trip is funded by ICUF, and STU also offers a bursary to help defray the flight expenses.


Since its inception, STU has sent two dozen students to this summer study program. These students learned about Irish culture and language while studying in the ‘Gaeltacht’. Experiencing Ireland first-hand enhances the knowledge of Irish language and culture they learned in their courses at STU.


IRSH 2173 is offered Wednesday and Friday at 9 am – 10:20 am and no previous knowledge of Irish is required. IRSH 2183, the continuation of the first term course, will be offered at the same time during the second term.