The St. Thomas University Alumni Association Wants You to Win a T-Ring

The St. Thomas University Alumni Association is offering T-rings up to a maximum of $400 each to two students who have not been able to purchase a ring. Recipients will be notified on Friday, January 24, 2020 by e-mail.


Requirements: You must be graduating in 2020, be in good academic standing, and submit complete information as outlined below.


Deadline: Submit the following by email to no later than Friday, January 17, 2020 at noon. The winners will be chosen by the St. Thomas University Alumni Association Awards Committee.


• A cover sheet including the following information:

     • full name
     • student ID #
     • email address
     • telephone #
     • mailing address

• an academic transcript (may be printed from WebAdvisor; however, if you are chosen we will contact the Registrar’s Office to verify that you are graduating in 2020),
• a letter explaining what it would mean to you to own a T-ring and a brief description of your contribution to student life and the University.