Black History Month: Campus Events

February is Black History Month.

Join us in commemorating Black history through these on campus events:

February 1: Billboards in James Dunn Hall
For the duration of Black History Month, there will be a large billboard mounted in James Dunn Hall with quotes from current STUdents outlining what this month means to them.

February 7: Art Showcase

Art on display in Sir James Dunn Hall will serve as an educational piece and will help express Black culture through an artistic lens

February 13: Black History Month Panel Discussion

6:00 PM in Kinsella Auditorim 
We are honoured to be welcoming Huda Hassan, PhD candidate, Canisia Lubrin, author of Voodo Hypothesis, and Dr. Funke, UNB professor in cultural, racial, and feminist studies, to campus for a panel discussion on intersectionality from a racial and feminine perspective. 

February 19: Couch, Coffee, and Convos: Black Women Taking Up Space
6:00 PM in the Alumni Lounge, UNB (13 Bailey Drive)

The University Women's Centre presents Couch, Coffee & Convos: Black Women Taking Up Space, Wednesday, February 19 from 6:00-8:00 PM in the Alumni Building on UNB Campus. 

The event will take the form of an ‘informal’ panel discussion consisting of an all-black female panel. The event is focused on acknowledging and shedding light on the unique experiences that black women encounter and face in today’s society, as a result of the intersectional nature of their identities. The event is aimed at providing a safe space for Black women to have open dialogue about issues affecting the black female community, both on campus and within the community of Fredericton.

February 20: Make Africa Proud Dance Event
6:00-7:00 PM in the Ted Daigle Auditorium
The M.A.P. (Make Africa Proud) dance group will be on campus for an interactive and educational performance including drums, dancing, and an information session.
February 26: Screening of “Hidden Figures”
6:00 PM in the OC Lounge
We will be screening the movie “Hidden Figures” which follows the story of African American women who worked behind the scenes of NASA’s mission to put a man on the moon. The movie addresses racism, sexism, and the historical oppression of black people.