STUdents Give Back Through STU Cares Day of Action

This year’s STU Cares Day of Action brought STUdents together for virtual and in-person volunteer work that provided insight into local non-profit organizations and opportunities to engage with the community.


Participating STUdents spent the day working with the Multicultural Association of Fredericton, Nature New Brunswick, The Ville Cooperative, Sexual Violence New Brunswick, L’Arche Fredericton, the NB Community Harvest Gardens, York Care Centre, and Greener Village.


Gabriela Carranza, a second-year STUdent from El Salvador, volunteered with York Care Centre—an organization that supports quality of life for the aging population. She said spending time with the residents reaffirmed her desire to pursue Art Therapy.


“One of the seniors told me how much she enjoyed art therapy. It was good to hear that others find value in it—it motivates me,” she said. “This experience reassured me that I’m on the right track to my career goals for the future.”


Fourth-year STUdent Danyelle Dupuis, of Notre-Dame, NB, has participated in STU Cares for the last four years. She said the opportunity to get involved has allowed her to learn from others and give back to the community.


“Volunteering with STU Cares allowed me to develop my skills as a leader. Through the event I’ve met many people who gave me advice and real-time experience towards my goal of becoming an educator.”


Following their volunteer work, STUdents took part in a reflection activity facilitated by the United Way. The activity was based on the organization’s #Unignorable campaign, that focuses on supporting the main issues affecting our communities—poverty, homelessness, social isolation, domestic violence, education inequality, and mental health—the benefits of volunteering, and ways for STUdents to stay involved.